Review Post ~ NARS Goddess Soft Touch Shadow Pencil

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My girl Natalie (shout out to Australia!) is ON about NARS lately. She's the reason I picked up Rajasthan and have been poking around at other things NARS.

I heard good things about the NARS Goddess Soft Touch Shadow Pencil. On my last Nordstrom order I figured... why not.

It worked ok the few times I used it for the inner corners of the eye. Nothing really that special that you couldn't just get from using a regular shadow... It got the job done, though.

When used as a SHADOW, this pencil really.... I hate using this word.... sucks. Over UDPP... Not using UDPP... it creases. After an hour I had a nasty crease and by the end of the day I looked like I'd been swimming with shadow lines all over. Even though I didn't sweat or really do ANYTHING that day. =( It's not worth the $24 price tag AT ALL and you're better off getting MAC Naked Lunch or the icy pink shade from the Dior Ready To Glow 5 Colour.

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