Review Post ~ L'Oreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base & Too Faced Bronzing Powder in Sun Bunny

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First up for review is the *NEW* L'Oreal Studio Secrets Professional Magic Perfecting Base. Whew... that is a MOUTHFUL.

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I got the chance to try this when I noticed a coupon and sample in the latest edition of Allure magazine. My makeup stayed on ALL day. I didn't even need to touch up my powder! I have combination skin, with my oily areas being my T-Zone. I applied the L'Oreal product first, and then did the rest of my makeup as usual. Perfection. All day.
Was this a fluke? Maybe I didn't do enough moving and shaking that day?

Heck, I have a coupon, let's go try it out. If it really does stink Rite Aid has an excellent return policy. I picked up this base last night to use today, and am happy to report the outcome is the same! I was even outside today in the HUMID gross air sweating like crazy and I'm not shiny!

Retail on this is about $12.95 - but you can always watch out for drugstore buy one get one half off and/or coupons. Don't be discouraged by the size of the pot. It's NOT big and is a little off-putting. Really, you DON'T need much of this, so it should last awhile.

I will post a review update on this once I've used it for awhile. That way I can inform you if it made me break out, rash out, and how long it lasted.

Today I also wore Too Faced "Carribean In A Compact" Bronzing Powder in Sun Bunny.

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This powder also has the staying power of super glue. Many a day has been spent looking for the perfect bronzer for my NW25 skin. I got this sample of Too Faced Sun Bunny with my most recent order (and it's still available now!) and (I'm not kidding) almost fell over when I saw how great it looked. OMG that sounds so narcissistic... I'm really not a tool. Once you try this product you'll see what I mean! It retails for $27 at Sephora.

Two products in one day that just last and last and last!! What are the odds?!