Resolve to "Get Old" Well this New Year

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 Photo by Fisher Chia via Flickr Creative Commons

Photo by Fisher Chia via Flickr Creative Commons

Have you started to think about your New Year's Resolution yet? I have. We're well into the holiday season which means New Year's is right around the corner. Have you taken into consideration how everything you're doing right now is helping you Get Old? Everything we do, say and feel impacts our future and how we age.

For 2014 I'm determined to alter my lifestyle so I can Get Old well. Not just for me, but for my family. I'll be focusing on mental as well as physical well-being. Since my resolution to "Get Old" well is pretty broad, I'll break it down (which will hopefully hold me more accountable!). Eat decently. I'm not going to sit here and blow smoke about how I'll eat clean and be perfect when it comes to food. I know I won't. Really, a little indulgence now and then will help keep you on track. But I will eat better focusing on more of the good, less of the bad and portion control. Drink water. Seriously, do you know how hard it is to drink 8 big glasses of water a day? I've done it, and my skin gets a lot clearer and I feel better but it's hard to remember to do (I get distracted). Because 8 glasses puts me off easily, I'm going to start small and aim for 5-6 glasses a day. If I get more than that, cool. Work out. My dad has been on me about this anyway. And as much as I hate to admit it, he's totally right. Three days a week at the gym definitely won't kill me, and if it adds a few more healthy years to my life, then I'm all for it. Skin care. I know what I need to do here, but I do slack. My face gets washed every night, but sometimes I barely remember to put on face cream let alone eye cream and serums and all the la-di-dah. To remind myself to do this nightly I'm going to line it all up on my vanity so it's there, in order, ready to go. No excuses. Just because I'm getting older doesn't mean I have to look it! Get Old is an initiative developed by Pfizer to challenge people of all ages to rethink what it means to Get Old and take a more active role in their health and quality of life at every age. What are you doing to Get Old well? Tell us at and join the conversation on and I am participating in a sponsored campaign hosted by Pfizer and Get Old. I received compensation for this post. All opinions stated are my own. Get Old is a registered trademark of Pfizer Inc.