Rebecca Minkoff ... It Was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT ....

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Over the last two months you've been privy (maybe bothered!?) to my new-found designer lusting over all things Rebecca Minkoff. But how did this start? The affair manifested a lot longer ago than you may think.

Last Summer (yep, we're headed back to 2011!) Fashion Blogger Keiko Lynn strutted her stuff with the Rebecca Minkoff Love at First Sight straw tote. Pretty much at least once a week for the ENTIRE SUMMER Keiko would use this bag with her looks. Every week I would stare at my computer screen fighting with myself.... "No, Brooke, you DO NOT NEED another handbag. Check yo self before you wreck yo self" .... Eventually, I fought with myself enough that the bag sold out and disappeared... Gone, never forgotten.

Fast forward to last month when I was feeling nostalgic and randomly searched for the bag on yahoo. HUZZUH! GILT GROUPE! I get the Gilt Groupe emails, but didn't remember looking at one that had Rebecca MInkoff items, and if you search the Gilt Groupe site... this bag doesn't show up. BUT.ITS.THERE.

If you read through all that, then I thank you... if not... in a nut shell.. I GOTS THE BAG. Granted, not in the first choice of black, but the red is also right up my alley and totally gorgeous. Originally I wanted the black over the red because I just wear a ton of black and figured it would match more, but the red has been getting quite a bit of use.

On to the pics and actual review!

The deets:

  • Medium sized hobo
  • Two tone woven straw with leather trim and zip closure at front
  • Hidden magnetic closure
  • Signature printed padded interior lining with three slip pockets and a zip pocket
  • Body length 13 inches; height 12 inches; width 7 inches
  • Drop handle 6 inches

LOVE THIS BAG. No buyers remorse here what-so-ever. The strap drop is just enough to hook it over your shoulder, but it is just more of a hand held bag (the straw rubs a bit on your arm if you have on short sleeves or a tank).

Things I would change... it has a magnetic closure. You can see on the photo above the little circle. I don't know if it's just the bag I got, but it doesn't stay shut worth a darn. In a perfect world, this would have a zipper closure. I'm a clumsy one and tend to do the ever embarrassing purse dump at least once a week. And not on purpose.. Honestly, who does that on purpose?!

Also, one of the leather weaves on the strap is undone. It can be fixed with glue, so not a big deal, but it made me sad. I didn't contact Gilt, because it's an easy fix and really isn't worth any sort of hassle or anything. Though, I should call to see how their CS is since this is the first time I've ordered from them.

Wanna buy the Rebecca Minkoff Love at First Sight Tote? Click here to purchase directly from Gilt Groupe. This is my referral link if you want to sign up. You're in luck, too. I paid $129 and it's even CHEAPER now at $99. That literally always happens to me, btw.

What do you think of the Rebecca Minkoff Love at First Sight Straw Tote? What is your favorite Summer bag?

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