Rebecca Minkoff - Because Purses Need Playmates

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Not too long ago I posted about an amazing duo of Rebecca Minkoff bags that captured my heart in ways that you wouldn't think material items could. Like with my kids, I felt like I had to buy them things. It was a totally bizarre feeling and if you're not rolling your eyes at me by now then you should be.

I justified this lusty purchase because of an email sent to me by Bloomingdales that said I would get so much money off of a purchase totaling a certain amount. I forget exactly what I spent (I bought a Michael Kors shirt too LOL) but I ended up saving $50 off and then it was something like triple loyalty points, so I got another $25 gift card (which I just used towards the purchase of some stuff from Chanel Fall).

To give my new purses playmates, I picked coordinating items to the Bright Pink Cupid and the May May bag. A Large Colorblock Zip Wallet ($195) for Cupid, and since the May May is smaller, a key pouch called Little Louis ($55).

The Large Colorblock Zip Wallet matches the handbag perfectly and is large enough to carry the essentials, and supple enough that I'm not having a hard time pulling a card out quickly (shoppers need to be on point!).


Little Louis fits perfectly in the May May. The key pouch is just big enough to hold an ID, your debit card, and some cash. This keeps a small bag like the May May from getting too cluttered up. Aren't they adorable?


The wallet I'm not seeing on Bloomingdales anymore, but I did find the Bright Pink that I bought at Zappos. Little Louis is still available at Bloomingdales.


If you want to check out pics of me holding the bags, or view the Michael Kors shirt you can click here. The shirt is under one of my hubby's dress shirts but you can kind of see it. It's studded and beautiful!

As you can tell, Rebecca Minkoff fashion can become quite the obsession!