Pure Silk Rich & Luxurious Shave Cream Photos & Review

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It's no secret to even short-time readers of this blog that I tend toward having very dry and very sensitive skin. I've gotten to be very stringent on what types of products come in contact with my skin by way of skin and body care.

One of the best shave creams that I've come across in a while is by Pure Silk. Their Rich & Luxurious Shave Cream is available in seven types of moisturizing shave creams:

  • Kiwi Berry Bliss – the newest addition to the line, this fragrance has a fruity
    aroma, pairing the popular summer fruit with hints of luscious berry.
  • Raspberry Mist – a sweet fragrance that combines a fruit-forward berry scent
    into a creamy foam.
  • Coconut & Oat Flour – a delicate tropical scent that transports you to
    paradise, enhanced with oat flour for added luxurious moisture.
  • Plumeria Breeze – lightly infused with the sweet fragrance of Plumeria
    blossoms, this scent will sweep you away to the Hawaiian Islands.
  • Cherry Blossom – a floral scent with a fresh sweetness that takes you back to
    a breezy spring day.
  • Sensitive Skin Therapy – a mild formula infused with soothing botanical
    extracts like papaya, willow bark and thyme.
  • Dry Skin Therapy – enriched with skin-nourishing ingredients, including
    vitamin E, lanolin oil, chamomile, Irish moss and aloe for super hydrated and
    touchable skin.

Out of the above list I was able to test out three of the shave creams from this product line - Sensitive Skin Therapy, Raspberry Mist, and Dry Skin Therapy.

All three of the above shave creams reacted well with my skin and I've had absolutely no itching whatsoever. My favorite of the three is definitely the Dry Skin Therapy, especially in these colder months when the weather makes it that much more difficult to keep your skin hydrated.


These creams allowed for a smooth and easy, non-irritating shave. Heaven. I also love the fact that the canister is rust proof, so it doesn't become unsightly as it sits in your shower!

Some shaving tips from Pure Silk:

Use Cooler Water - Often women feel they need hot water to shave effectively, when hot water actually removes moisture from the skin. Use a cooler water temperature instead.
Protect Your Skin - Apply Pure Silk Shave Cream, usually a dime-sized amount works the best. The decadent and creamy foam hugs your skin to prevent nicks and cuts, and the revolutionary ingredients help to lift the follicle for a close, long lasting shave.
Use a Sharp Razor – Change your razor at least every 2-3 weeks, using a dull razor increases the chances of nicks and cuts.
Up, Up and Away – Shave in an upward motion, taking special care around knees, ankles and other curvy parts of your legs. Go slowly and carefully.
Moisturize – Pure Silk Shave Cream already has moisturizing elements to prevent dryness and keep legs silky soft. Slather on moisturizer chocked with vitamin E after the shower to lock in moisture and hydration.

Pure Silk is available in mass merchandise stores, drug stores and supermarkets
across the country, including Walmart, Walgreens, Kroger, Safeway and many
more. SRP - 1 8oz. can - $1.79-$2.49.