Pop Beauty Peak Performance Mascara Swatches & Review

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Wouldn't it be awesome to have a mascara that not only looks fabulous but combs through your lashes while you apply, saving you a step in your beauty routine? Pop Beauty has created their Peak Performance Mascara in three shades - Brilliant Black, Cocoa Charm and Inky Indigo - to do just that.

What the Ulta website says about Pop Beauty Peak Performance Mascara:


Mascara with advanced lash comb separates, coats, lifts & fans out every lash, resulting in immense lash volume & dramatically maximized eyes.Lash-protecting formula conditions & nourishes lashes. Hygienic twist-up wand prevents bacteria build up & formula dry out, ensuring fresh new mascara every time.

1) First time use: twist base 5 clicks, filling entire comb with mascara. Each additional use: twist base 4-5 clicks.

2) Curl lashes. Wiggle the comb from lash root to tip.

3) For outer & inner lashes, turn comb vertically; layer and “fan out” to add volume & length.

4) For center lashes, apply by pushing lashes up & holding for a few seconds to lock in curl.

Sara's POP your skills: 1) Spin the dial twice for the right amount of mascara for one eye; fill the whole comb with mascara. Hold the wand straight, wiggle the comb starting at the lash root, then apply from root to tip. Start at the outer corner of the eye, move towards the middle and finish with inner corner. 2) Focus on outer corner lashes & now apply side ways; layer to add more volume and extend length for larger eyes. 3) For the center of lashes, apply pushing curl up & hold for a few seconds (the mascara will lift lashes & dry to keep curl) For the inner corner just comb through "fanning out" towards bridge of nose. 4) For bottom lashes paint on from root to tip.

(L-R: Brilliant Black, Cocoa Charm, Inky Indigo)


(wearing Brilliant Black)


The Peak Performance Mascara works to comb the lashes apart while applying the product for nicely natural, curled and separated lashes. It also has a twist up dispenser so I suggest wiping off the comb to keep it clean and ready for your next use.

How does the mascara also comb the lashes while applying? Observe the innovative applicator:

This style of applicator does take some getting used to. The first time I tried it I poked myself in the eye (I'm also rather klutzy). Luckily, Pop Beauty provides step-by-step instructions on the back of the box, so if you follow those, use caution and also aren't like me, you should be fine ;)


The only negative I have on this mascara is that it does flake a bit. This can be easily cleaned up, but I wanted to mention it so that you'd be sure to do your eye makeup before your face makeup.

Pop Beauty Peak Performance Mascara retails for $20.00 and is available at Ulta and on the Pop Beauty website.