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If you're as lazy as I am and dread doing your skincare routine every night (but must or you can't relax or bear to put your head on your pillow uncleansed) Pixi Beauty has combined two steps into one with their internationally renowned Glow Tonic.

Glow Tonic is to be used after your cleanser and it's your daily exfoliator and toner in one. This will prepare the skin for your serums and/or moisturizers so they can perform at their peak.

I used this toner for about two weeks. It was easy to work into my usual skincare routine, because I'm forever skipping the toner step. It's that extra step, you guys... I know it's only a few seconds... but I just want to go to bed... ugh..... Anyway, I sucked it up (not literally) and used this product faithfully. I did notice a more even tone and all-over glow. I was impressed that it didn't exacerbate my hormonal jaw acne, if anything it made lingering marks fade. (For reference my skin is combo... oily t-zone and dry cheeks).

Pixi Glow Tonic Review

As for the fragrance... it smells like bubbles. To me that's wonderful because it makes me think of my kids.

With key ingredients like Ginsing (antioxident - improves circulation & energizes), Aloe Vera (soothing & hydrating), Witch Hazel (refining & tightening), Horse Chestnut (stimulating), Fructose & Sucrose (brightening) and Glycolic Acid (5% for exfoliating) Pixi Glow Tonic clearly covers all of the bases.

Pixi Beauty can be purchased at Target or online at PixiBeauty.com.