Pink Sith Needs Your Help! URGENT URGENCY!

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Here are the deets:

First of all - FOCUS.  There is only a SHORT amount of time that you can get your vote in! Voting ends at noon tomorrow!

Here is her pic for Finalist #3 (aka the one you should be voting for)

From the Sith's blog post:


I can't believe this but I am a FINALIST in the Rescue Beauty FAN COLLECTION! But you ONLY have 24 hours to vote for the 6 winning colors that will be produced.

I'm Finalist #3

You can vote for me at the end of the post and you can cast 2 votes. There are 14 Finalists in total and to be honest there are some that are more creative than mine, but whatever.

My polish would be called "Leeloo Gold" as long as there are no trademark infringements. hee hee.

Please vote for me, but if you don't vote for me, there are 13 other awesome colors to vote for.

Good Luck to all the finalists!

SO DO IT! Her polish actually sounds REALLY pretty and I want it lol