P&G Conserve-it-All Program: Even the Little Things Have an #EverydayEffect

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With Earth Day just passing on April 22, 2013, it reminds us to be active in conserving our environment. And, not just on ONE day. What you do every day, even the tiniest things, make a huge difference!

 Photo by e-magic via Flickr Creative Commons

Photo by e-magic via Flickr Creative Commons

You may think you don't have time to turn the compost around into planting flowers or fresh veggies, but even the little things that are easy to turn into every day habits can make a difference! Such as:

  • Turning off the lights or tv when you leave the room, or unplugging appliances (or your chargers for cell phones, game systems, iPads... etc) when they aren't in use.
  • Turning off the water while you scrub at those dishes or while you brush your teeth.
  • Stock up on reusable bags, which are simple to fold up and keep in your car and keep you from having to use paper or plastic ones at the grocery store or mall.
  • Participate in your community's recycling program by tossing bottles, aluminum, paper and other recyclables into separate bins. They'll be picked up curbside and the only effort on your part is taking the bin(s) to the curb once a week (or, every other week, as my community does).

Every little bit MATTERS. You can even teach your kids about reusing recycled items for crafts. I'm not horribly creative myself, but Pinterest (I simply search recycled crafts) is your best friend, and you can use it to find some really cool activities that you'll all enjoy and that are virtually mess free.

What do you do to to help reduce waste and have an #everydayeffect?  Big or small, share it in the comments below!

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