Perlier Imperial Honey Body Butter Photos & Review #PerlierOnHSN

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Perlier is a luxury bath & body line that uses natural ingredients in their products. I've sampled a few items from the line and the one I'm showing you today, the Imperial Honey Body Butter, is definitely my favorite so far.

Created with the honey of black bees and royal jelly this sensual body butter is said to be a true beauty formulation.

This body butter actually surprised me in that it smells like honey! Which really shouldn't be a surprise, but so often you'll see that something is called honey but smells of old processed sugar or cheap floral perfume.  Perlier Imperial Honey Body Butter smells mostly of honey with a slight musk to it.


The price looks high, but you are getting a lot of product (6.7 fl oz) and you don't need much. It coats on thickly but doesn't feel heavy or oily. You're left with moisturized, yummy skin that will leave you craving honey toast. The scent is very strong and will linger, which can be a pro or a con for you - depending on how fragrances affect your sniffer.

Perlier Imperial Honey Body Butter retails for $40.00 and can be purchased on the HSN website. Get $5.00 off your purchase of Perlier with codeiFabbo5!

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