Pampille de Seduction - The Latest Collaboration from Ken Downing + Le Métier de Beauté

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For the woman who appreciates the finer things in life, Neiman Marcus Fashion Director, Ken Downing + Le Métier de Beauté have just the thing: a custom, limited-edition fragranced couture necklace: “Pampille de Seduction.” Below the shimmer of gold and hand-cut Carnelian stones, this skillfully crafted, statement piece harnesses the incredible power of scent.

Curated by Ken and designed by Le Métier de Beauté, in collaboration with leading jewelry and fragrance experts, ‘Pamdille de Seduction’ is the first- and most-magnificent-of-its-kind. Adorned with a24-karat gold plated chain and 18 rare, hand-cut carnelian stones, it’s the ultimate gift for the woman who has is it all.

“Pampille de Seduction” includes three distinct scents, designed for the wearer to alternate as desired. Cutting-edge embedded fragrance technology ("fragrance chambers") allows the wearer to project power and sensuality through three dynamic scents: Gardénia, Orchidé and Ambre.

  1. Gardénia: Playful and sweet, this classic fragrance projects hints of orange blosson and jasmine.
  2. Orchidé: Spicy seduction, this fresh aroma captures the deepest scent released by the orchid just after sunset.
  3. Ambre: Warm, exotic and sensual. Earthy wood notes mixed with deep, sweet tones give this scent vintage charm.

With only a limited amount available, “Pampille de Seduction” is the quintessential statement piece for the woman with discerning style and a taste for innovation. See why Refinery29 is calling it the most luxe beauty gift, ever--> I've attached imagery above. Please reach out with any questions or if you need anything further.


Available December 2012 at select Neiman Marcus stores and $4,500