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So often there's no time. For anything. Especially when you have kids or are eyeballs deep in college classes. You wake up all bleary eyed, look at the clock and have to be out the door in 10 minutes ready to take on the entire day. Without channeling the Zombies. AKA your people. For this weeks post the Makeup Wars bloggers are taking you on a journey where you can achieve a full face of makeup in only FIVE PRODUCTS. Because I'm feeling productive I'll be giving you my five favorite products to achieve a full face... but in 5 minutes. And because I'm awesome I'll post my drugstore faves AND high end faves! That's just how we do here!

5 products 5 minutes drugstore designer

Powder Foundation. It covers/conceals and is quick as eff to dust on. Drugstore Fave:Milani Even Touch Powder Foundation ($8.99 // CVS); High End Fave:IT Cosmetics Celebration Foundation ($35.00 // ULTA Beauty).

Cheeks. This needs to multi-task and also last all day. A flushed look makes you appear to be alive, even if your soul might still be in bed. Drugstore Fave:Maybelline Master Glaze Glistening Blush Stick ($8.99 // ULTA Beauty); High End Fave:PUR Minerals Chateau Cheeks Cream Blush ($18.00 // ULTA Beauty). I've been known to use this to add some extra pigment to my lip color as well. Because sometimes you need more than gloss.

Eyeshadow. A primer and shadow in one. No time for creases... no time for blending. While a nude shade will make your eyes brighter and is quicker I'm a liner skipper on fast-action days. So I go for a taupe shadow shade to give off a more sultry look (plus my lip is nude so I need to balance). Drugstore Fave:Maybelline Color Tattoo in Tough as Taupe ($6.99 // ULTA Beauty); High End Fave:Armani Eyes to Kill in Pulp Fiction ($34.00 // Nordstrom).

Mascara. A FREAKING MUST. If you skip all the other things do not skip the mascara. Drugstore Fave: Milani Total Lash Cover Mascara ($5.49 //CVS); High End Fave:Benefit Roller Lash ($24.00 // Sephora). You knew the drugstore fave before you even read it.. admit it ;)

Lips. Gloss is quickest. A nudish shade that is fool-proof. Drugstore Fave: L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick in Nude Ballet ($9.99 // ULTA Beauty); High End Fave:Charlotte Tilbury Lip Lustre Luxe Color-Lasting Lip Lacquer in Sweet Stiletto ($22.00 // Nordstrom).

There you have it. Five products. Five minutes. If you have extra time or the inclination (I usually do, depending on where I'm headed that day) do up your brows. Mine are basically non-existent so I fill them in. Oh, you want my brow faves? Drugstore Fave:Milani Brow Shaping Kit ($7.99 // CVS) ; High End Fave:IT Cosmetics Your Brows But Better Brow Power Skinny Pencil ($24.00 // ULTA Beauty). Or look here. You're welcome ;)

5 minute face makeup

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