OPI Sparrow Me the Drama Nail Lacquer & Silver Shatter Swatches & Review

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The second OPI Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides polish I picked up is Sparrow Me the Drama. If you missed my post on Mermaid's Tears you can check it out HERE.

I used this polish on my toes once already (cute!) but had yet to put it on my tips. Last night while I was watching the MTV Movie Awards seemed like the perfect time for a mani of Sparrow Me the Drama and Silver Shatter.

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Sparrow Me the Drama actually reminded me of MAC Ice Cream Cake in color. Once I compared them side by side, though, I saw that Sparrow Me the Drama wasn't as intense as Ice Cream Cake. They are both beautiful pink cremes, but Sparrow is a bit more pale and has more lilac in it. The swatch below is with 3 coats. I found it took 3 to cover completely and evenly.

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What can I say about Silver Shatter? You saw from the post on Mermaid's Tears that I obviously LOVE it to pieces. I use it quite a bit. More so than Black Shatter in these warm months. I know the shatters/crackles are becoming extremely saturated in the nail community, but I'm enjoying this trend and am glad there are so many options out there!

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OPI Polishes retail for $8.50 and can be found a retailers such as Ulta and Trade Secret.