OPI Mermaid's Tears Nail Lacquer & Silver Shatter Swatches & Review

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When I walked into my closest Ulta on Mother's Day I was extremely pleased to see they had the new OPI Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides collection out on display and ALL were available!

Unfortunately, funds only allowed me to grab 3 of them (They retail for $8.50 and there was A LOT I wanted that day - I wasn't prepared for the collection to be out) so I picked up Sparrow Me the Drama and today's post of Mermaid's Tears with Silver Shatter. I wanted them ALL (this is my fav collection this year from OPI!) but I do have a Trade Secret in a local mall 5 minutes away, so hopefully I can grab a few more later on.

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OPI Mermaid's Tears (isn't that name awesome?!) is a beautiful pale blue-green that reminds me of the seas of the Caribbean, which are clear and beautiful... This shade is NOT clear, but I did use 3 coats, as usual ;)

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I don't think I could have done this shade in anything less than 3 coats, unless they were really thick. I like to do thin coats so that my mani lasts a bit longer. With the 2 kids and now a dog running around I don't get a whole lot of time to paint my nails lol

Silver Shatter is AWESOME. Likely even more awesome than Black Shatter. As it dries, it doesn't really look too pretty, but after you add that top coat, LOOK OUT! It is shimmery and gorgeous and how did I ever live without this?!

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