OPI Katy Perry Collection Swatches & Review

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Katy, you were LONG overdue for a polish collection! This WHOLE line is seriously amazing. I really hope there are more Katy OPI's in the future ;) Maybe as part of my fictitious OPI Crackalacque collection *hint*

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Basically, I'm obsessed with this Black Shatter. FINALLY I took off my OPI Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous (I didn't even NEED to. Other than looking a little dull, the mani was holding STRONG.) and swatched the Katy Perry's.

Holyyyyyy.... wow. It's exactly what I would imagine Katy Perry wanting on her nails for a video, event, or just a good ass time.

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Black Shatter - you know I'm lovin' that by my previous post!
The One That Got Away - I did NOT expect to love this. It's actually one of the reasons I only bought the minis (I dispise the mini's because you HAVE to save the box or risk forgetting WTH the polish is), other than the fact that Teenage Dream was sold out everywhere. It just wasn't pretty looking, even though the buzz said differently, and I didn't want to be stuck with a huge bottle of it and hating it. It's GORGEOUS on. Don't be fooled by the bottle or even the swatches... you need to see it for yourself.
Teenage Dream - My number one love. Hands down my favorite polish ever of all time. It's girly, pink, FUN, shimmery... I can't stand the fact that I can't find a full size bottle. I'm mad like someone cut me off on the Freeway.
Last Friday Night - It's pretty, but my least favorite of the bunch. They had tons of these left everywhere I looked. It's just TOO sheer. However, it does look rather excellent under Black Shatter. But, then, what doesn't!
Not Like the Movies - Super gorgeous. I didn't expect to love this one either. This color of polish is seeming popular with the lines lately. This one and Teenage Dream look the best (IMO) with Black Shatter.

(top to bottom) Not Like the Movies, Last Friday Night, Teenage Dream, The One The Got Away (which I obviously went too light on).

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As soon as I was done with swatches I did a full on mani of the Teenage Dream with the Black Shatter over top. I did a thin coat on the left hand and a thicker coat on the right, and I just like the thicker coat better. Don't hold back TOO much on using Black Shatter. It takes some experimentation to find the style that works for YOU!

If I can find them, I definately plan on picking up a full size bottle of Teenage Dream and a back up of the Black Shatter. They retail for $8.50 wherever OPI is sold.