OPI Extra-Va-Vaganza Review & Swatches

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Another day.... another glitter!!

I am absolutely in love with glitters. Sure, they're a pain to get off, but dang are they pretty. It's fun to stare at your nails glinting in the sunlight... bling bling!

OPI Extra-Va-Vaganza was picked up by me at Trade Secret ($8.50 plus tax for each bottle). It was on my original lemmings list but I hadn't picked it up yet. I popped into TS with no intention of buying... but this is literally the prettiest glitter polish since OPI Mad As A Hatter. Copper and gold with maybe a few more light flashes of other colors... can't be beat!

Here is my swatch photo, though it does the shade NO justice:

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AND, for those that celebrate, how was your Turkey Day?? We did a TON of travelling and visiting. I'm still not caught up on life lol