OPI Color Paints Nail Polish Swatches + Tie-Dye Nail Art // Tutorial

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Around this time last year we got to have glorious watercolor-ish fun with the OPI Sheer Tints. This year OPI took it to a bit more of a pigmented level with the OPI Color Paints Nail Polish Collection.

OPI Color Paints Nail Polish Swatches

The Color Paints are really nothing like the Sheer Tints. The Sheer Tints were sheer in more than name alone and layered nicely to blend pastel-tinted color. The Color Paints are sheer to start, but buildable to a jelly-like, glossy finish. That type of finish that you just have to look at. They're all super fun to layer, blend together or to wear alone. The silver shade that is in the collection, Silver Canvas, is also intended to be used as a base to really make the colors come to life.

To start off the post here are a few quick swatches of the OPI Color Paints Nail Polishes. All were done using a base coat and top coat with three coats of nail polish sandwiched between.

OPI Color Paints Swatches Chromatic Orange Pen Pink Magenta Muse
OPI Color Paints Swatches Landscape Artist Silver Canvas Primarily Yellow
OPI Color Paints Swatches Turquoise Aesthetic Indigo Motif Purple Perspective
  • Chromatic Orange This freshly squeezed orange is awash with color.
  • Pen & PinkI’m irresistibly drawn to this rosy pink.
  • Magenta MuseThis sultry red-violet is truly inspiring.
  • Landscape ArtistThe lush, verdant green of wide-open vistas.
  • Silver CanvasA clean-slate silver to illuminate your masterpiece.
  • Primarily YellowPaint some sunshine with this glowing yellow.
  • Turquoise AestheticBeauty is in the eye of this deep aqua.
  • Indigo MotifI have designs on this deep, midnight blue.
  • Purple PerspectiveThe depth of this purple is mesmerizing.

To play around with these a bit I at first did a silver base and made a pretty flower, almost Chrysanthemum like... in my head. It also resembled a certain still-illegal-in-PA drug and the few people I texted it to pointed it out without me even saying anything. SO. I scraped that and went for more of a poor mans tie-dye/accent nail thing. Coachella was happening around the time I did this one so I had bright, carefree and fun on the brain!

OPI Color Paints Nail Polish Tutorial

Step 1. Apply a base coat to all of your nails.

Step 2. Apply 2 coats of a nail color of your choice (I used OPI Aloha from OPI) to all of the nails except the two ring fingers.

Step 3. While that dries get a slim nail art brush and begin striping colors on the nail. I began with the lightest shades and tried to keep it looking more rainbow-ish than not. The nice part about the color paints is that they mesh so nicely into each other I didn't have to clean off the brush in between shades.

Step 4. Repeat the brush strokes with all of the colors you're choosing. The Color Paints make it nice to do this tie-dye look because they blend into each other

Step 5. After the color art on the ring finger dries add in a few random brush strokes of silver throughout the color. It just gives it something extra!

step 6. Add your favorite Top Coat.

Tie Dye Coachella Nail Art

Wear it for pool time, beach days or just for the fun of it ;) What are your favorite nail art short-cuts?

OPI Color Paints retail for $4.75 at salon, $9.50 retail ($5.95 CAN salon, $11.50 CAN retail) beginning May 2015 at ULTA, ULTA.com, and select professional salons.

*Press Sample