Online Haulage - It's A Day Of Deals!

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I did some serious damage today online. Not sure what came over me. Maybe I was tired of wearing the SAME flip flops all summer last year and this year. I'm not kidding. ONE pair. Don't get me wrong, I adore them... They are from American Eagle 2 years ago and are just sequined white flip flops. Simple, go with everything.... don't rip my feet up. Love.

Anyway. I've been eyeing these Jessica Simpson (I know right?!) Sandals for MONTHS now... they are the Carsi (seen here ). Great reviews. has FREE shipping right now and no tax is charged in my state on shoes. They are on SALE. So I believe that makes it JUSTIFIED. Plus on right now you get 7 or 8% back.

The next pair I've been looking at for awhile too. The Ugg Halendi (seen here ) - I am a huge fan of all Uggs. I just love how comfy they are, and for the most part they are super cute. All mom's need the comfiest shoes possible, and it's just an added bonus when you can find them looking stylish. This was also on ebates for 7 or8% back as well as no tax.

I'm totally giddy over getting these in the mail. Both sites ship rather quickly, so hopefully I'll have them before the weekend!

To sum it up - between the 2 pairs of shoes I spent $138 after my $11.40 back from ebates =)

Then I went on over to and picked up my first Konad stuffs! I got the Konad Starter Kit (comes with the basics, white polish, plate in M2, scraper, stamper), extra plate in M57, and polishes in Metallic Silver and Metallic Gold. I was nervous about this at first, but my 12 year old cousin has a set and can do it... so I figure I can too! Free shipping AND if you use code SCRANGIE (from 's np blog!!) you get another 20% off!

Now I'm on looking at makeup. Which I REALLY don't need :\ Colour Craft is just so gorgeous.... stop the insanity!

** As a former girl with a TON (like over $20,000 worth) of credit card debt I do NOT condone the online shopping spree. It's far too easy to spend loads of money. I spent most of my childrens nap time looking for the best deals on these and where to save the most. I also paid with my debit, not with a credit card. Don't charge, people.... bad bad things!