One Lovely Blog Award

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Wooo hooo!!!! I absolutely ADORE getting blog awards! What a cool way for bloggers to connect.

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I received this award from my girl Polish Insomniac. Obviously she's extremely awesome for passing along this award to yours truly ;)

All you have to do is tag 15 people! I did some clicking around for a few and found some GREAT new blogs (who I am now following!).... check em out - in no particular order:

1. Kayla Shevonne
2. GingerKitty Designs
3. Magic Maid
4. Wife Check, Mom Check, Now What
5. Contests & Such
6. Body & Soul
7. Swatchcat
8. Birds Decorate Branches
9. All You Desire
10. Christopher & Tia
11. Nail Tailz
12. Never Unpolished
13. Getcha Nails Did
14. Beauty Vibes
15. Glitter Is My Crack