October 2014 RocksBox Photos & Review #RocksBoxSelfie

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For this months RocksBox I received three pieces that could easily be worked into a look together or worn separately. What's interesting is that each item can also be dressed up or down. Jeans and dress. Check out what I got and let me know what your favorite piece is in the comments!

Rocksbox House of Harlow nOir Urban Gem

From Urban Gem, Katherine Necklace. When I first saw this necklace I loved it. It's got a vintage flair with just enough of a statement going on without feeling like you're screaming for attention. That being said, this necklace is definitely an attention getting piece. Never in my life have I gotten more positive feedback on any piece of jewelry. Of course, I kept it. The retail price of this item is $70.00 and the member price is $56.00.

Rocksbox Fashion Jewelry

From nOir Jewelry, Panther Head Earrings. At first I'm all.. panthers? No. Even as a Pitt fan, whose mascot is a Panther, I was like.. no. On, they're pretty cute. I didn't keep them because I didn't feel like they'd be something I'd reach for ever, but they were fun to try and wear for a bit. The retail price of this item is $56.00 and the member price is $44.00.

Rocksbox Jewelry Subscription Service

From House of Harlow 1960, Braided Pave Bangle in Black. I loved this bracelet from House of Harlow. The black and gold with the pave accent was simple enough to dress up jeans but fancy enough to wear to an event. There is no clasp or hinge but it still easily fit over my hand and onto my wrist. If I wore bracelets more, I'd have kept it. The retail price of this item is $78.00 and the member price is $62.00.

House of Harlow bracelet

I love that with RocksBox I can try new jewelry pieces and I can keep the pieces I want at a discounted price. I usually purchase an item on an average of 50% of the time (though lately it's seeming like I'm purchasing more often than not). I’m always pleased with the quality and they are pretty spot on matching my style with the jewelry that they send.

Here is the best part! Yes, there is more! You can get purchase credits for referrals! Let me explain. For every person you refer that signs up for RocksBox you get a $25 referral credit! You can also get on Social Media (like you’re not already) and show off your baubles! #RocksBoxSelfie will get you entered into the monthly contest where you could win a different prize every month such as jewelry pieces, a RocksBox Purchase Credit, even a free membership – be sure to enter for your chance to win!

What do you think of RocksBox? Are you going to check it out? Click here for a free month!