October 2014 ipsy Glam Bag Review & Swatches

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The theme for the October 2014 ipsy Glam Bag is Beauty Candy. All I can figure out about the theme for this one is that there's a pink lip product and a blue eye shadow.. and together it's sort of Candyland-ish? I don't know.

ipsy October 2014 Glam Bag Review

This month the bag is a quilted teal blue shade. I love the bag this month. 9 times out of 10 I'm not okay with the bag that ipsy sends, so this is a welcome surprise as it's actually one I'll use!

What's inside?

ipsy October 2014 glam bag Swatches Review

From ECRU New York, Acacia Protein BB Cream Beauty Balm for Hair. I swear I've reviewed this before and I can't find the link! Ugh. Anyway, this is a great cream for the hair. The way I use it is when my hair is still damn I apply a dollop through the strands, starting from mid length down. When I comb it through the excess gets on my crown. My hair always looks silky and shiny, though it doesn't control my frizz as much as I need it to, so it's not ideal for Summer. Luckily, it's October ;)

From Figs & Rouge, Hand Cream. The scent I got is Mango Mandarin (thought some ipsters will receive the Rose Berry scent) This has a bizarre consistency. It squeezes out like a cream, but when you rub it around on your hands it feels like water. It stays wet for a few seconds then dries immediately and isn't greasy at all (which was unexpected because of how it felt when I was rubbing it in). The scent is strong at first but dies down so that it ends up being just light. I don't love it, but I don't hate it either.

From Skyn Iceland, Mini Glacial Cleansing Cloths. Are you sitting down? This is my favorite part of this month's bag! I'm a huge fan of Skyn Iceland and these cloths are great for removing makeup when you're feeling lazy or are wearing anything heavy that needs removed before you wash your face. Even if you've been barefaced all day long these are a great way to refresh your skin.

From Starlooks, Lip Gloss. The shade I got is Guilty Pleasure (swatched below) and I love the color. It's slightly sticky but I find that these wear best over a lipstick rather than on their own.

From Jesse's Girl, Mineralized Baked Shadow Powder. The shade I got is Ocean Breeze (swatched below) which is a medium blue pearl. The consistency of the shadow is okay (a little dry) and the color is pretty but out of the seven shades available that ipsy sent out this is the last one I'd have picked.

October 2014 ipsy glam bag swatches

This month I was sort of blah about the shipment. I definitely think it was worth the $10 and while these are all items I'm excited to play with I don't think I'd have picked most of them for myself. Maybe I don't know how I feel... Nothing was a flat out dud, so that's definitely a positive. Final answer, not a great month, but a good one.

Ipsy has profile pages, so here is mine. There is also a pretty amazing referral program in place. You refer friends and redeem points to get a sweet little bonus in your next bag. I’ve gotten some really fab full sized products as my bonuses, but, something new, you can use your points to choose your own bonus! I cashed in last November for a full size NYX Cosmetics Bronze Smokey Look Kit (see photos and swatches here).

Here is where you can go to subscribe to ipsy for a Glam Bag.

What do you think about the October Glam Bag? Are you going to subscribe for November? I’m always excited to see what they have in store!

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