Nutra Nail Gel Perfect 5 Minute Gel-Manicure & No-Mess Express Swatches & Review

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Nutra Nail has developed the first and only Gel-Color technology with no UV/LED light needed!

From the Nutra Nail website:

The patented hybrid Gel-Color applies easily like a polish, protects nails from breaking with a rock solid shield that sets to a brilliant patent leather shine in just 5 minutes.

All of the no-muss, no-fuss sounds good to me. It's hard to always have a full mani on my nails with all of the housework, kid work, and bloggy type work I do! My nails are constantly getting chipped and fading. Pretty only lasts so long =(

Down to business! Does Nutra Nail Gel Perfect 5 Minute Gel-Manicure ($11.99) work? I have two shades here from the Fall 2012 Collection that I've tested, so let's see what happened.

The first shade I tested was Enamored. This has a beautiful Evergreen base and blue shimmer. I wish the shimmer was more apparent on the nail, because it's just stunning.

The second shade is Latte. This shade is very beige, almost like you put a lot of milk in your tea. It's classy and very work appropriate!


Application has to be quick, one hand at a time. First painting on the activator, then the color. A lot of switching of brushes involved between that and the cleaning. If it's saving you money from a nail salon, I think the hoops are worth it.


Unfortunately, I didn't feel these polishes coated well. I followed the directions explicitly and even went up to three coats instead of the recommended two... it was a bit uneven and chipped at the top within a day. After 5 minutes, and even 10 minutes the polish still felt tacky, though didn't smudge.

To remove this manicure, Nutra Nail recommends their No-Mess Express Gel Perfect Remover ($7.99).

This stuff is the business. It says on the box it'll remove the color in less than two minutes, and they aren't kidding. My mani was off in less than a minute. When you use this, please make sure you're doing so over a sink. There is A LOT of remover on the gel pad inside, and it will leak out quite a bit. You can use one pad to remove the nail color on all ten fingers or toes. Be sure after removal you're washing your hands/feet and applying lotion.


Nutra Nail products can be purchased at Rite Aid, Walgreens, ULTA, Duane Reade and other fine retailers through October 2012.