November 2015 BEAUTY BOX 5 Photos, Swatches & Review

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The theme for the November Beauty Box 5 is Boosted Basics in an effort to prove that being basic doesn't have to be boring!! Basic "B"'s unite!

Beauty Box 5 November 2015

What is Beauty Box 5Beauty Box 5 is a monthly beauty subscription service that is curated by a team of beauty experts. With each shipment you’ll receive 5 samples for $12.00 (monthly). You can also choose to save some cash and sign up for $30.00 and be billed quarterly or $99.00 and be billed yearly. Shipping is FREE and your membership also gets you exclusive discounts from partner brands.

Beauty Box 5 November 2015 review

This month I got...

From La Fresh, good day. day moisturizer. This moisturizer is said to perk up your complexion. I'm having a small breakout on my CHEEK of all places *dies* so I've been coated mah face with acne fighting thangs... so I haven't tried this. But I like things that perk me up so I'll give it a whirl when my face is under control.

From Kaunis, Facial Mask. Again, breaking out. So I haven't used this. BUT it's a sheet mask and I LOVE sheet masks. I'll try em all. Like with dry shampoos any sub box could send me a sheet mask every month and I'd be so happy.

From Altchek MD, Eye Gel Pads (set of 2). Eye pad gels are something I can never be without, so this is something else I'd love to get every single month! I sit around at night with these on because I get killer under eye circles and bags... plus I'm 35 now and I need all the help I can get ;)

From MOODmatcher, Luxe Twist Stick. I got the color Orange. Before you're like whaaaaa? note that this shade is not horrifying. It'd one of those ones that reacts with your lips to make a custom color. On me it's seriously the most gorgeous coral, deepish pink... just freaking gorgeous....the most. Ever. I can't even talk right now. I'd buy it again and again and it's only $8 so that's even better. It's got a waxy taste but that goes away after a few seconds.

From The All Natural Face, Vegan Matte Cream Lip & Cheek Color in Dusky Rose. Double duty makeup for lips and cheeks! This shade is beautiful for Fall winter and is nice and flat to keep in your smallest lil purse ;)

Beauty Box 5 swatches review November 2015

I love how even when BB5 gives you skin care samples they're actually ones that I'd use... facial masks and eye pads are my JAM always. And how cool is the MOODmatcher stick?! Though, sometimes, I like to keep my moods hidden... greater good and all ;)

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