November 2014 Birchbox Swatches, Review & Photos

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Oh? I'm late with the November Birchbox? Probably because I wasn't that thrilled with it. Last month's box was amazing (full size beautyblender, what?!) and really hard to top... but the November box... all I can ask is WTF just happened? Anyway, the theme is Giving and the box does support a good cause. They've partnered with (RED) to raise money and awareness for the global fight against AIDS. Every time someone shares a photo of the facts on their Birchbox and tag it with #shaRED $1 will be donated. I don't see in here at all where the "facts" are to share, but maybe it just means share the box and the main card?

November 2014 Birchbox Review

As you open the box the card resting on top gives you a little explanation and greeting on one side and a run down of what is in your box on the other side.

Birchbox November 2014 Contents

From Bain de Terre, argan oil & passion flower COLOR THERAPY STYLING OIL. Just a very tiny bit of this (as with me and all hair oils) on my ends is all I need. It really smoothed out dry areas and added shine.

From Ellovi, Tinted Lip Butter. Unfortunately this has a waxy smell to it and felt gritty on my lips when I first applied it (the gritty feeling went away, the waxy smell/taste did not). It's all natural and sheer but there are a lot of similar products out there that are cheaper and perform better.

From Juice Beauty, Green Apple Peel Sensitive. It's wonderful that there is a peel out there for us sensitive gals. Though I don't have an issue with the peels I've used in the past it's still nice that there are options for anyone that would react to a regular peel. The scent was refreshing and it did leave my skin feeling and looking wonderful after I used it.

From Not Soap Radio, Joy Inducing Body Wash. This has a wonderful lemon scent to it and felt good on the skin. In the winter time I tend to want something a little more moisturizing, though.

From TOCCA, Crema da Mano - Bianca. This has a supposed green tea and lemon scent but I thought it to be rather floral and "perfumy". It felt wet when I applied it and stayed oily on my skin. After it finally dried down my hands felt nice but the fragrance was way too overpowering. Too fragrant and greasy for me.

November 2014 Birchbox Swatches Review

As a Bonus this month Birchbox added in a packet of Chocolate Almond Butter. As someone who has never tried Nutella or anything similar (I know, I'm deprived) I was excited for this. It was truly disgusting. I still may give Nutella a go, but I really hope it's nothing like what we got in this month's box.

This month’s Birchbox shipment was mostly a dud. I know you can't win em all, but because of similar monthly subscription boxes that are around the same price I do expect the same amount of quality. The only thing Birchbox really has going above all the rest is their rewards/referral system which gives you 10 points per review and 50 points per referral. When you get 100 points it equals $10 to spend in their shop - which is FULL of greatness. This month's box was obviously not worth the $10 to me so I hope they get it together for December.

Wanna sign up for Birchbox? (Click for referral) If you like what you see in this post go to the website and fill out the form. It’s just $10 a month (free shipping too!) and you get some cool stuff, tho I will warn you, you’re going to get stuff you hate as well. After it's all said and done throughout the year you do get your money's worth.

***Disclosure – I buy my own Birchbox, but the links posted here do give me referral points which I can use towards product on the site. Once you sign up for your own Birchbox, you’ll also get a referral code to send out to others and get some points of your own!