November 2012 Little Black Bag Photos & Review

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WOW I haven't had a Little Black Bag since July! It doesn't seem like it's been that long. Anyway, I started back up for the month of November and it just arrived today! Let's get to the unboxing!

In this box I got 5 items. The three usual items, plus one referral item were included in my bag and then through the trading process I ended up with one more.


The first item was one I was pretty excited about and is the Big Buddha Zig Zag Luna Clutch. This bag is cool because it can be used three ways - as a cross-body, a clutch, and as a wristlet. I love the metallic look of the bag and, though it's small, it's perfect to carry around for shopping or those times when you need to be hands free.

What I didn't like, is that the outer zig zag material separates from the under part which is sequined. It doesn't take away from the look, but I thought it would be better quality wise if it were all connected.

The second item is the Robert Rose Stone Chain Necklace. This item was not one I wanted, it was one that just happened to be in my bag when the trading ended. It's actually not too bad in person. I have it double wrapped in the photo, but it's a long necklace. It looks really cool doubled up like that though, and it actually ended up being an item that I'm happy with!


The third item is the Mocha Stone Drop Necklace. This was another item that wasn't wanted and just happened to be there when trading ended. It's much prettier in person, however not really my style. Maybe if the stones were a bit smaller.


The fourth item is one that I was really excited about - the Steve Madden Lizard Print iPad Case. The color I got is the Pantone 2013 Color of the year, Emerald. WOOO! But. I do not like this in person. I like the color.. but the case just seems cheap looking. Again, just not my style. Which is disappointing, because I REALLY need a new iPad case.


The fifth and final item is my favorite - the Jessica Simpson Python Dakota Clutch! So flipping cute! It has a small strap for shoulder wear and at first glance seems large, but fits perfectly under your arm for a casual look.


Here is the size of the Jessica Simpson bag in relation to the Big Buddha:


How do you think I did this month? I was actually more impressed with some of the items than I thought I'd be, then saddened by others. I couldn’t remember everything I got before I opened it, but I remembered not being happy when trading ended lol. It all worked out rather decently. I’m always impressed with the quality of the items in person versus what they look like on the site. The pics on the site do not do ANY of the products justice.


For information on Little Black Bag please refer to this post.


If you’re interested in opening your own Little Black Bag here is a referral link for you! You know you want to use it! haha

Disclaimer: I purchase my own LBB, but there is a referral link(s) in this post, which gives me credit once you open and bag and it ships. Every member of LBB gets the referral link option.