NOTD ~ Zoya Pinta

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Heyyyy! Sorry this took all day to load, I was cleaning and didn't want to do the nails early and ruin them. I didn't end up going to that picnic so it gave me a chance to get some stuff done here then paint my nails. I did it in some BAD lighting so I was worried about the application, but it didn't turn out too badly!

My hand is a little skewed in the pic BUT it showed the color better than the other one. The first pic I took made the polish look black. Zoya Pinta is really a VERY dark purple cream. So dark I thought it was navy at first, but like I said, my lighting isn't very good here since I did this late. It may look lighter in the sun, I'll have to edit this post tomorrow and let you know about that.

I can't say I'm in love with it. Sometimes I look at it and it looks SO pretty... then other times I want to take it off. I'm hoping it grows on me since it's staying on until Monday!

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Edit - in the sun you can definately tell it's purple. It's growing on me. I thinks I likes.