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It's definately a MONDAY. It's overcast, threatening rain, and the kids are in major crank mode. The pup is mad at me because her backyard is in ruins and I won't let her out front for her daily sunbathing, so she sits here, as I type, huffing and puffing. She'll like the soon to be NEW backyard much better... but you can't tell her anything when she's in these moods ;)

THEN... I think... HEY the day is looking up! UPS tracking is saying that my Sephora and MAC orders are delivered and on my porch! WOOOOOHOOOO! I go look. Um. No. They're not there. Owen and I trooped up and down the block (Lydia was sleeping) looking on porches to see if they were misdelivered (which UPS has a habit of doing) but no dice. We came back inside, me slightly devestated and Owen perched at the window to watch for my packages. Sephora stated that if the package didn't show up by 4pm to give a call back and they'd try to hunt it down. Here's hoping. It held my HG Lancome powder AND the ever sold out Urban Decay Naked Palette which has sold out THREE times already on the website since it's release. It also held my 500 point beauty perk from Benefit, which I was just as excited about =(

So, seeing as how today's post can obviously not be an FOTD of the UD Naked Palette, I decided to do a NOTD post with OPI DS Mystery!

I received OPI DS Mystery in the mail today from the lovely Marni, a fellow SwapTawk admin that wanted to send me a little gift to make me smile during these dark, cooped up, cabin fever type days of Salmonella banishment. It's a perfect choice! What better way to lift your spirits than to paint your nails with the pretties?!

OPI DS Mystery is GORGEOUS. I'm not sure how to even describe it. I'm a lover of every single one of the OPI DS that I've tried (which I think is at least 80-90% of them) but this one is different. It's a vampy shimmer. In the bottle it almost looked like a black khaki... but when you paint it on it's a vampy purple with gold glitter. I had a little bit of nice light in the kitchen, so I took a few pics... I hope they translate ok! It was extremely hard to pick up the beauty and the glitter on this bugger!

I used 3 thin coats of OPI DS Mystery, Orly Top2Bottom as my base coat, and Seche Vite as my fast dry top coat.

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