Nordstrom Beauty Trend Event // November 8, 2014

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Over this past weekend I headed out to Nordstrom to experience the Beauty Trend Event. I love events like this because it gives you the opportunity to check out new products, chat with beauty pros about tips and tricks as well as get a little bit of pampering! Admission to this event is, of course, free of charge and you can indulge in free makeup and skincare consultations. Afterwards you get access to FREE deluxe samples and exclusive gifts with purchase.

Nordstrom Beauty Trend Event

When events like this pop up I always make sure that Dior is a priority. Events Director and Regional Artist Brandon Tucker is usually there and he's so talented (as well as being a friend!) so I like to visit him when I can. During this event Brandon did my makeup and talked new products with me, of course enabling the enabler so much that I had to bring home a couple of the new Dior Rouge Dior Baume (spoiler alert, they feel incredible)!

(Brandon presenting the latest)

Brandon Tucker Dior

Check out all of the beauty trends here and be sure to see when you're local Nordstrom is hosting their Beauty Trent Event or Show! It's a fun experience for you to share with someone or even go alone (like I did lol)!

(image from my Instagram)

Blushing Noir

What brands do you like to visit during beauty events?