Nordstrom 2014 Anniversary Sale Wish List

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The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is coming. The catalog arrived last week. You know, just early enough to make and re-make my lists of things I need something like four thousand times. I'll be out of town starting the day the sale begins and I'm freaking out. Sure, I can shop online, but I feel like doing that takes more planning. Plus it's SO fun to go in store and see the girls going wild (in the non-nekkid sense) in the "tent of dreams" loading up on Kate Spade, Rebecca Minkoff, Marc Jacobs... even Burberry! Here is my haul last year and here is my pending haul this year... so far.


From the page above I'm really into those sunglasses from Wildfox. They're $112.90 at the sale and go up to $169 after the sale. I also wouldn't kick that statement necklace from Lee by Lee Angel out of bed ;)


You guys know I love my Minkoff. I think I've finally decided on one and that's the Amorous Satchel. I love that it's got a rocker vibe but can still be a daily bag. I'll save $175 getting it at the sale (WOW!) rather than waiting until after the sale. Worth it. I bought a Rebecca Minkoff bag last year too. It's still my baby.


I have been eying the Kate Spade Initial Pendant for some time. I think this sale is the perfect time to pick it up since it's $20 cheaper! Also, Nadri makes awesome jewelry and I actually have and love the arrow necklace (not shown). Because I wore it so much it's missing some stones so I'm hoping it's still in store (it's not on the site) so I can re-purchase!


I don't talk much about kid related things on here unless the mood strikes, but after seeing these sweaters consider my mood struck. The My Little Pony Sweatshit from Mighty Fine is right up my daughters alley while the Minion Hoodie is my son through and through! Though, I may need to recheck that with him because he's been talking about the evil, purple minions lately. Ugh.


Here's the start of the beauty! See! I'm totally staying on blog topic haha. Of course the MAC sets are awesome, they're always awesome. I think I'll need the warm, though I may wait on this to swatch in store to be sure I don't like the shadows in the cool kit better. Below I want to grab the sets from NARS, Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown. Cause I needs all the nudes and who doesn't look to pair that with a hot pink lip from NARS? That Smashbox Brush Set is full of good-ness as well *drool*.


Last year Dior launched their Fall line early (and it was damn good) but so far I haven't heard/seen anything for this year. Chanel Fall has been out for weeks, so hopefully we'll see the Dior ASAP!

If you have to be like me this year and shop online be sure to use your eBates account when shopping so you can get CASH BACK on all of your purchases at Nordies (and many, many other stores!).

Are you hitting up the 2014 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? It starts July 10-July 17 for Nordstrom Rewards Members, every one else can begin shopping on July 18. What are you getting? Any insider secrets you want to share??? ;)