NightCare Heel Treatment Kit Review

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If you're like me, then you're barefoot as much as possible in the Summer. I have two kids, a dog, and if my butt isn't sitting here cropping photos then I'm running after the miscellaneous, breathing things in this house. It's easiest to do this barefoot.

While being barefoot makes my run-arounds easy, it's KILLER on my feet. They usually ache and my heels get so dry that they itch at night. They're gross to see, as well, so I'll spare you a pic of them at their worst. You can thank me by sending chocolates.

When your heels need a fix your best option is the Heel Treatment Kit from NightCare.

Slather on the Night Care Foot Cream and ease on the Moisturizing Gel Heel Socks. There is a gel coating on the heel area for full absorption. Works like a charm, no more peeling, no more itch. My biggest gripe, though, is that my toes were COLD lol. I need to cover the toes! I would love a sock that was just like this, but covered the whole foot and also had a gel coating on the side of the big toe. #PerfectWorld.


PSA - When I first tried the Heel Treatment Kit, I made the mistake of thinking I could wear the socks while running around the house. Negative. The little gels on the interior heel will make you feel like you're sliding all over the place, especially if you're not on carpet. My advice is to wear them to bed. It'll also save the wear and tear on the socks themselves if you're just passed out and not being a non-stop loon like me.

The NightCare Heel Treatment Kit retails for $25.00 and is available online at the website. You can also check out this link for a local supplier.