Nicole by OPI Texture Coat Swatches & Review

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Have you seen enough of the shatter type polishes? Too bad ;) I love em, so I'm here to show you more!

The Nicole by OPI Texture Coat are the same formula as the OPI Shatter, just 51 cents less. Sephora by OPI also has a few shatter shades, which are also the same (IMO) to the Texture Coats and Shatters, however the ones at Sephora are more expensive.

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Half of the 6 Texture Coats had a slim brush, while the others had a wide brush with a bit of a point on the end. For applying Shatters/Textures/Crackles, I do prefer the slim brush. When I'm applying a regular polish I prefer the wide brush. I feel like it's easier to get a nice, even coat on the Texture with the slim brush. Texture can be finicky, so you don't want to over do it on the coating AND you need to make sure your bottom color is totally dry before you apply the Texture coat.

PSA - you can't apply these over matte polishes. If you can, then I don't know the trick because they didn't shatter at ALL for me lol

To start off the Nicole by OPI Texture Coat swatch fest I have White Texture over Barielle Elle's Spell (since that's what I had on when these arrived):

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Like all of the White Texture/Shatter/Crackle polishes that I've personally tried, the White Texture went on rather streaky.

Next we have Turquoise Texture. This color of Texture is so beautiful, I almost feel like if the other Texture coats had emotions, they would be crazy jealous.

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Turquoise Texture is my second favorite out of this grouping. It is placed over top of OPI Play the Peonies.

Next is Black Texture. Nothing fancy fresh or funky... the color that started it all ;)

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I thought Black Texture shattered a lot sweeter than the other black shatter/crackles I've had the opportunity to test out. This one is also over top of OPI Play the Peonies.

Here comes my favorite! Red Texture!

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Above we have Red Texture also placed over OPI Play the Peonies. This is totally my True Blood mani for Sunday! I can't compare it to any other red shatter products, but isn't it divine?

Here come the foils. Silver Texture worked just as well as OPI Silver Shatter. This was one of the ones I got with the wide brush, so I recommend getting OPI Silver Shatter before Nicole by OPI Silver Texture. That is based on the brush alone. Formula wise they are the same.

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Silver Texture is shown above with OPI Grape...Set...Match

Gold Texture is SUPER beautiful, but rather sheer. I'd love to see a Gold shatter product that was more dense.

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Gold Texture is definitely more beautiful in person than in the photos. The shimmer made it hard to capture it accurately. It is shown above with OPI Grape...Set...Match and was my third favorite of this bunch. (This is definitely a mani that Khloe Kardashian should rock at a Laker game. Just sayin'.)

From the Press Release:

To use this product, start with Base Coat Plus, followed by two coats of any Nicole by OPI nail lacquer. Let the lacquer dry completely before applying Texture Coat. Complete the manicure with Top Coat Plus for a high-shine finish.

Nicole by OPI Nail Lacquers and Nail Treatments contain no DBP, Toluene, or Formaldehyde. Nicole by OPI formulas are long-lasting, fast-drying, and salon-quality, with products featuring the Perfect Stroke brush for streak-free, even coverage. Texture Coat will be available July 2011 for $7.99 each at ULTA, Target, Meijer, Harmon, Wegmans, Sears, and H-E-B. Texture Coat will be available in Canada at Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart and Loblaw.

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***Products were provided by the manufacturer or PR firm in exchange for an HONEST review. For more information, please see my Disclosure Policy.