NEW Dior Backstage Makeup Site

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On February 16th 2012,
Dior is launching its new website
entirely dedicated to the universe of Dior Makeup

Dior Backstage Makeup

A unique digital experience, backstage at the fashion shows.
A fun, online magazine, revealing the secrets of Dior Makeup.
A standing invitation to browse the rich and varied pages.

Front Row
Dive into the hectic heart of Backstage at the Dior fashion shows, and see
the latest fashion and makeup trends emerge beneath your very eyes.
In the magical ambience of this special place, the most up to date makeup
looks are created, step-by-step.
Professional makeup artists reveal their secrets and special advice.

Must Have
Discover the behind-the-scenes essentials of Dior Makeup.
Peruse the magazine that details the inspiration, creative secrets and
fabrication of Dior Makeup, along with application advice from professional
makeup artists.

Each season a new Dior makeup collection takes inspiration from the shows
and the exceptional richness of the history of the House of Dior.
An explanatory video illustrates the multiple possibilities of makeup looks
that interpret the major themes of the season.
Star products, limited editions and It shades are all revealed here.

A section dedicated to It Products and other exclusive or event
collections. Witness the most audacious creations, and wonder at the new
interpretations of the eternal Dior codes.

Behind the Scenes
Accessible and easy to follow, the explanatory videos provide professional
advice and application secrets.
For the first edition, Emily Weiss, a Beauty Blogger recognized worldwide
for her Makeup expertise demonstrated on 'Into the gloss', has been invited
to draw on the richness of Dior creations.
She analyses the latest trends and offers precious make-up advice to web

Lastly, the Dior Gallery provides a behind-the-scenes visual immersion into
creation at Dior.
Exclusive and unique, the films illustrate the intense energy and
creativity of Dior Makeup.

Visit from February 16th 2012 and get a sneak
peek today with this new video: