NARS New York Dolls Nail Polish Swatches & Review - Andy Warhol Collection

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The NARS Andy Warhol Collection is likely one of the most anticipated collections of the year. On a personal note, this collection has been long awaited for by me not only because of how AMAZING everything looks, but because of the fact that Andy Warhol is a native of Pittsburgh and has an entire museum showcasing his work located in the city. I’m a hometown girl!

Five new Nail Polish shades come along with the NARS Andy Warhol Collection in Back Room, Superstar, 15 Minutes, TV Party, and today's post of New York Dolls. I'll admit, I was initially drawn to this polish because of the name. It's adorable!

New York Dolls is described simply as purple. Purple is most certainly is, and creamy. The first coat was a little patchy, but the second coat made it all perfect. The formula on this one gets two thumbs up for ease of use and evenness!


Factoid!Rock On, Andy Warhol!

Highly influential pre-punk garage rock band formed in 1972. The New York Dolls were in the center of New York City's hip artistic scene led by Andy Warhol. Iconic figures like David Bowie and Elton John went to see their legendary performances at Max's Kansas City and the Mercer Arts Center.Bands like Aerosmith, Kiss and Rush all opened up for the Dolls before they were known. The band consisted of David JoHansen on lead vocals, Johnny Thunders (later formed the Heartbreakers), Sylvain Sylvain, Arthur Kane, and Billy "Doll" Murcia (Later replaced by Jerry Nolan after he accidently died in Europe while on tour with the Faces). In the mid seventies the Dolls split up but their inluence continues even to this day. (Source).

For more information on the NARS Andy Warhol Collection, please see the Official Press Release.

NARS Nail Polish retails for $18. New York Dolls is slated to be available at Sephora and starting October 1.