NARS Holly Woodlawn Larger Than Life Lip Gloss Swatches & Review - Andy Warhol Collection

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It's finally hereeeee! NARS Andy Warhol Collection! This collection has been MUCH anticipated by me not only because of how AMAZING everything looks, but because of the fact that Andy Warhol is a native of Pittsburgh and has an entire museum showcasing his work located in the city.

The first piece I'm going to share with you is the Holly Woodlawn Larger Than Life Lip Gloss. Four other lip glosses are also included in this collection - Candy Says, Viva, International Velvet, and Penny Arcade.

Holly Woodlawn is described as a bright orange-red. That description can be a little intimidating. What is nice about this "orange-red" is that it's more of a jelly, so one layer can be a little sheer. The lip swatch above is layered on twice and thickly. The shade is stunning and looks to be more of a candy maraschino cherry color.


The formula on the Larger Than Life Lip Gloss is not very sticky and this particular color coats evenly and smoothly. I'm not the biggest fan of the tiny brush (impossible to apply gloss quickly!) but for colors like this, it's essential to be precise. So, with that in mind, the brush is perfect.

The quickest way I’ve found to apply is to get some product on the brush, dab on the lip (staying away from the edges), smoosh the lips, and then apply around the lip line. It will still take you longer than a gloss with a regular brush or doe-foot applicator, but not as long as if you try to precision apply all over.


Holly met Andy for the first time at a screening party at the Factory for FLESH.

Ondine arranged the meeting with Andy Warhol after Ondine met Holly Woodlawn through Norman, a “toothless” speed user who Holly met through Silver George. At the Factory party, George introduced Holly to Andy who told her she was “so glamorous” and that she should be in one of his movies. When Andy asked Holly for her last name, she said that she didn't have one (not yet having come up with Woodlawn). (Source)

For more information on the NARS Andy Warhol Collection, please see the Official Press Release.

NARS Larger Than Life Lip Gloss retails for $26. Holly Woodlawn is slated to be available at Sephora and starting October 1.