NARS Gina Blush Review & Swatches

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Throw out your blushes, people, NARS Gina is an A+!

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Let's go back to the beginning. I definately don't NEED more blush. No way. BUT. A girl I CP for wanted me to order NARS Gina blush for her, so I did. When it came I opened it up to make sure it wasn't cracked before I sent it off to her and was taken aback. WOW. It is beautiful! The swatches I saw on the various websites had not done it justice. I raved about it SO much that another girl I CP for wanted to order it as well, so of course I got one for me too ;)

It applies like BUTTER. I was not a fan of NARS blushes before this. Orgasm looked like crap on me and Luster turned to mud. I had given up. Gina is a dream. Smooth, pigmented, flawless. I wish I would have had it before I did my HG post because this definately would have been in there.

Here are some pics, swatches, and a pic of it on my NW25 skin tone.

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NARS Gina blush is available at for $26 plus tax. Currently they're offering FREE shipping on ANY purchase. Go take advantage of it!