NARS Cheyenne & Wicked Eye Shadow Duo Swatches & Review

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During the Friends and Family event they had two (YES, TWO!) NARS Eye Shadow Duos on sale for $10 each, after discount $8 each. I didn't even bother looking up the colors for swatches, I just ordered.

Wicked is pretty ugly. I wouldn't have paid MORE than $8 for it. Based off of swatching it seems pretty sheer. I don't know how much I'll use shades like these, but it's unlike anything in my collection and may come in handy some day.

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Cheyenne is much more gorgeous in person. The right side reminds me a bit of MAC Star Violet but less purple. I'm extremely impressed with this one.

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Normally NARS Eye Shadow Duos retail for $32 each plus tax. Wicked and Cheyenne are still available at for $10 each. You can either click THIS LINK or (there is a bit of a trick to it) add Wicked to your cart, click it from your cart, and Cheyenne will show up.