Nails Inc. PRIMROSE PARK Special Effects Mirror Metallic Nail Polish Swatches & Review

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Metallic polishes are hitting the ground running lately, but it's been a little difficult (for me, anyway) to find a brand that has a great formula while still remaining affordable. Nails Inc. has made my metallic dreams come true with their Special Effects Mirror Metallic Nail Polishes. I chose the shade that made me drool the most, Primrose Park.

What the Sephora website has to say about Special Effects Mirror Metallic Nail Polish:


What it is:
A special effects nail polish with a highly reflective, mirrored metallic finish.

What it does:
In opulent tones of bronze and pink, these mirrored polishes are perfect for reflecting the summer rays. The formulas have been created with mica pearls that give depth of color, mirror shine, and a color-shifting effect.

(no sun, with flash)


(no sun, no flash)


(in sun, no flash)


Primrose Park is described as a blue mirror metallic with two tone effect. It tones as a cornflower blue and indigo. It's REALLY a gorgeous shade. I reached full opacity in just two coats.

The formula is pretty good for a metallic, especially coming off of such a disappointment from the Essie Metallic. It has a nice shimmer which helps any flaws or streaking go a bit more unnoticed. Application was easy and there were no control issues (such as the polish being too thin and running off, or too thick and getting clumpy).

Nails Inc. Special Effects Mirror Metallic Nail Polish retails for $9.50 and is available at Sephora.