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As you may have noticed the Beauty Spotlight Team has been highlighting members Guilty Pleasures!

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YES! You guessed it! My guiltiest of all guilty pleasures is PLANNING. Well, decorating my planner. My Dad is a list-maker, so I probably get this from him, but I make lists like you wouldn't believe. At any given time, in addition to my planner even, I have 5 lists going. And I rewrite them every single day. I also used to love to scrapbook pictures, but right now don't have time to be heavy into that. A way to combine my love of list making and decorating pages? My planner!!!

Guilty Pleasures Planning

Currently I'm using the Erin Condren Life Planner (click here to get $10 off) Vertical. I love this because it's easy to plan my day out and decorate it as well. I never feel like it looks too busy and generally leave myself a lot of white space for writing, particularly in the evenings and weekends when random plans can pop up (kids, yo).

Blushing Noir Erin Condren Life Planner

The first spread I want to show you features the Vintage Gypsy Road August line and the weekend banner and accents are from My Newest Addiction.

VGR August Plan With Me

This is the spread I did recently for Back to School! The primary type of colors generally aren't the way I go but for Back to School they're must-haves! I primarily used a set from Vintage Gypsy Road but also used quite a bit of accents and washi from PlannerKate1 and some things from Willowfields. My brother-in-law got married on the 5th so that's why it's a little different ;) . Click here to see the Plan With Me Flipagram!

Back to School Plan WIth Me Planner
Back to School Planner 1
Back to School Plan with me 2

For the next week I went full on Peacocks. I'd been searching for the perfect set when Vintage Gypsy Road went off and made a huge kit full of Peacocks (still available here but it's LIMITED EDITION so act fast) in jewel tones. How could I not buy this? I also added in a weekend banner from My Newest Addiction and few more accents from Willowfields. Click here to see the Plan With Me Flipagram!

Plan With Me Peacocks Planner
Peacocks plan with me 1
Peacocks Plan With Me 2

For my first Fall set I wanted to get back to using the white space but also use some Sunflowers. One Orange Snowflake had the perfect kit and Fall sets from My Newest Addiction and Vintage Gypsy Road completed the look perfectly along with accents from Scribble Prints Co and Creating and Co. Click here to see the Plan With Me Flipagram!

Plan With Me Sunflowers
Plan With Me Sunflowers 1
Plan With Me Sunflowers 2

There was also a September kit that I swear I took pics of but I can't find them =( You can see the Plan With Me Flipagram here and all of the shops used are listed. Be sure to follow me on Instagram for more Plan With Me videos and sticker hauls!

My favorite sticker shops!

Below are a few of my favorite sticker shops on etsy! Many of them were kind enough to provide a coupon code for you to shop with at their store!

My Newest Addiction: Laura is one of my favorite blogging buddies (visit her blog: My Newest Addiction) and her intelligence and creativity make her the perfect sticker designer. PLUS she's as obsessed with makeup as me so a lot of her designs are based on makeup products! Click here and use code BLUSHINGNOIR for 15% off (exp. end of Sept)!
Vintage Gypsy Road: Whitney's stickers are everything I've been looking for. I found her right when I started to play around with my planner by searching "vintage stickers". The rest is history! Her kits make it so easy and quick to plan out the week and they match up perfectly with the items I buy from My Newest Addiction! Click here and use code BLUSHINGNOIR for 15% off any order $10+ (no current exp.)!
Scribble Prints Co: If you've ever heard of decorating a planner Andrea is someone I'm sure you've heard of. Everyone loves the ombre heart boxes, to do headers... the quality is just lovely across the board. Click here to shop! Currently she isn't using codes for her shop but she does post some randomly on her blog or Instagram.
Small Town Grace: I found Erin because I needed some Mean Girls stickers! Her designs are fun and creative... everything is right up my alley! Click here and use code BLUSHINGNOIR15for 15% off $15+ (exp. November 6, 2015)!
Willowfields: When I wants me some glitter this is where I go. Her sticker quality is gorgeous and she has every glitter "inspired" designs imaginable. It's so easy to buy them all! Click here and use code BLUSHINGNOIR for 10% off (exp. at the end of the year)!
PlannerKate1: I love so many of Kate's designs, but what really gets me going is her washi! They're all pre-cut and ready to go! You know I can be lazy so one less thing to do works for me. Click here and use code BLUSHINGNOIR for 15% off (exp. at the end of the year)!
Creating & Co: This is a recent shop and I found her because she did a HUGE beauty related kit that I had to buy immediately! I'll be featuring it in a spread that's coming up but in the meantime check out here shop! Click here and use code BLUSHINGNOIR for 15% off (exp. at the end of October 2015)!
One Orange Snowflake: I love her gold designs and I used her Sunflower set on my first Fall spread of the season (shown above). Click here to shop!

I also LOVE the Kate Spade planners, but I use them more as part of my list making process. I write in things I want to get done on a certain date... sort of like a plan-ahead for work. I found the one pictured below on Shopbop and also grabbed a Kate Spade Pen Set because I loved the sayings!

Kate Spade Planner

What's your Guilty Pleasure? Do you plan? I'd love to know what some of your favorite shops are for stickers and accessories!!

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