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Do you speak Milani? Using the products below I'm going to show you how I got "Catwalk Ready" - which I was more than happy to do, since I obviously have an obsession with owning all things red (especially lip products!).

Face Products:

Get the Look Milani Cosmetics Catwalk

Cream-to-Powder Makeup ($7.89). The shade swatched is 17 Warm Brown. I know, clearly not my color - BUT would be perfect for contouring! It's so creamy & easy to blend with a silky smooth finish. It's available in 12 shades (and includes a sponge) so I'll definitely be looking for mine next time I'm at the store.

Milani Face product swatches

Baked Blush ($7.29). I've been a fan of these for a long time and love how they give off just the right amount of color (with some shades use a light hand) with a subtle shimmer. The shade I have used in this post is 03 Berry Amore (raspberry with a bronzy gold laced through), but if it's not for you there are 9 others to choose from!

Illuminating Face Powder ($9.49). This is available in three shades, I received 02 Hermosa Rose. First of all, that rose pattern just might be my new favorite thing to look at. As a product this highlighter is sheer with a slight shimmer. It felt soft and I didn't think it wore overly glittery when on the face. It's definitely got nice and full pigment for a highlighter. Super impressed.

Bronzer XL All Over Glow ($9.99). XL indeed! This oversized "tan-in-a-pan" is dual sided - sweep the left side (bronzer) all over your face and body to create radiance/dust the right side (shimmer powder) over for a subtle glow. Out of the three available shades I got 03 Radiant Tan, which is the darkest. Because it's the darkest I swirled both sides together to bring it down before I hauled off and did the backwards 3 on both sides of my face.

Eye Products:

Runway Lashes Instant Volume Mascara ($4.99). It's been known that Milani Total Lash Cover is my favorite mascara, but this one definitely comes in a close second. I got excellent volume in 2 coats that lasted all day!

Milani Eye Swatches

Liquid Eye ($6.99). There are 5 shades available but the one used here and swatched above is in 01 Black. This liner did not budge from my lower water line. At all. I was shocked when I looked at my eyes in the mirror before I washed my makeup off. I hadn't really noticed before then, but my eye makeup stayed on so fantastical! It really does go on like liquid but sticks like glue. It's rare for me to find something like this, soooo... excited over here...

Eye Tech Extreme ($7.49). This has a fantastic fine point tip that resembles a tapered marker. It was really easy to use and only needed one swipe to achieve the perfect color. It also lasted all day. The only shade available is 01 Blackest Black - but if you need color in your life you can check out the Ultra Fine Liquid Eye Liner.

Runway Eyes Eyeshadow ($6.99). When used dry, the shade I got (15 Golden Touch) is a sheer glimmer of gold. When used wet it turns into a metallic with more splash! You can also use it wet as an eyeliner. 10 shades are available!

Brow Products:

Brow Shaping Clear Gel ($4.49). This is the best and most affordable brow shaping gel I've ever used! Before this I shied away because of gel clumps in other drug store mascaras. I'm so happy to have tried this one from Milani because it brushes up and holds the brows well without dropping globs of gel.

Milani Brow Swatches

Brow & Eye Highlighter ($6.49). There are three duos available but the one I got to swatch and try is in Matte Beige/High Glow. The matte side was fantastic for giving that "fake eye-lift" and the glow side was awesome as a highlighter for the brow bone!

Brow Fix Brow Shaping Kit ($6.99). Out of the three sets available I got 03 Dark, which actually worked well for me. I combined the two brown shades to color match. I must say, this is the first powder I've tried that actually covers all of my bare brow spots. I'm really impressed, especially for the price. My only complaint about this is there is no little spoolie brush. I need to be able to brush through as I'm applying color.

Lip Products:

Anti-Feathering Lip Liner ($4.49). This worked so well at keeping even a very opaque, saturated, vivid liquid lipstick in red from going off to places it shouldn't. And it's so much more affordable than the one I owned before (which was Urban Decay). The shade is transparent (literally, that's the name) so I didn't swatch it because... well no point. But it works!

Milani Lip Swatches

Power Lip ($6.49). Eight shades are available and combine the shine of a gloss and the long wear of a stain. Yes and yes. The claims, they are legit. It wasn't drying at ALL and was comfortable to wear. No caking. I got Red Control but I definitely need more colors.

Lip Intense Liquid Color ($6.49). Uber vivid, uber shiny and a sponge tip applicator. Come to momma. Currently only 4 shades are available (I swatched Red Extreme above) but I really hope they put out some more. Side note - I actually bought this exact one and also the Red Control Powder Lip to review before these were sent, so I can add the ones I bought into a future giveaway!!

Color Statement Lipstick ($5.49). Opaque and light weight application in one stroke! Of course, I use a few more mini strokes to be even (because my lips totally aren't) but for all intents and purposes it would cover in one stroke if I didn't have a wonky mouth. A whopping 36 shades are available, the one swatched above is 07 Best Red.

Brilliant Shine Lip Gloss ($5.49). Glossy, non-stick and fantastic color payoff. I've only shown 12 Red My Lips within this post, but I actually have four other shades that I purchased to show you later on! I'm loving the formula!

Color Statement Lip Liner ($3.99). So smooth... like buttah on your lips. I wasn't expecting that, not for $4.00. It didn't pull my lips or skip... no dragging. Just beautiful color.

Get the Look:

For the look above I started off with the eyes. I applied Golden Touch Runway Eyes Eyeshadow dry over the lid and up through the crease. I followed up with Blackest Black Eye Tech Extreme with a very slight cat eye on the top lid and Black Liquid Eye on the bottom water line. Finish the eye with two coats of Runway Lashes Instant Volume Mascara.

Milani Cosmetics FOTD 2

Next I applied my face makeup (which is not Milani since I didn't have any, sorry!) and I used all IT Cosmetics - IT-O2 Ultra Repair Liquid Oxygen Foundation in Light, Celebration Foundation in Light Medium and Bye Bye Under Eye/Hello Light Liquid Brightener Dual End Concealer in Light.

For the cheeks I first bronzed myself backwards 3 style with the Bronzer XL All Over Glow (I just mixed the two shades and went to town). Then I added a dash of Berry Amour Baked Blush to my cheeks and highlighted the top of the cheekbones with Hermosa Rose Illuminating Face Powder.

For the lips I started by lining just the outside of my lip line with the Anti-Feathering Lip Liner in Transparent. Next I used Red Control Power Lip and carefully used the side (because it's slimmer) to trace my lip line. After that I filled in with more of the same color. To smooth it out and make everything even I used True Red Color Statement Lip Liner.

(Please ignore the slight burn I have my by neck. We were at my sons baseball game and it was cold... it didn't even occur to me the sun was strong... it was winter way too long).

Milani Cosmetics can be found at CVS. To learn more about getting the look and to get 30% off (use code HOTDAYS exp 5/30/14) visit

Milani Cosmetics FOTD