Milani Constellation Gel Eye Liner Swatches + Review - Bedazzled Collection

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New for Fall Milani has released the Bedazzled Collection, which includes three nail polishes, three matte lip shades and three new Constellation Gel Eye Liners ($6.99). The liners are definitely the stand outs of this collection with their shimmery and glittery galaxy look in deep, yet thankfully wearable, jewel-toned shades. Included is a small brush applicator, which I actually enjoy and that works well with the product.

Milani Constellation Gel Eye Liner Nail Polish Review
Milani Constellation Gel Eye Liner Ingredients

Enchanted Lapis is a beautiful and sparkly navy indigo.

Milani Enchanted Lapis Constellation Gel Eye Liner Swatches

Enchanted Black Opal is a sparkly graphite grey.

Milani Enchanted Black Opal Constellation Gel Eye Liner Swatches Review

Enchanted Emerald is a blingy, deep forest green.

Milani Enchanted Emerald Constellation Gel Eye Liner Swatches Review

Don't let the intense sparkle is throw you off, it's really only heavy on the top. Though it does end up getting throughout the product it's minor.

There has been a lot of talk about these, some good some bad. I'm seeing a lot of love and then also a lot of people saying they don't set. My experience is that they apply well and I had no issues with the wear, but after about an hour or so the pigment faded on them. I wore them all day, Enchanted Black Opal to an outdoor party even, and the experience was the same each time. It was still there right where I put it on the top lash line and beneath the lower lash line, just slightly faded. I'd love if they wore as intensely as they swatched on the arm, but I think as it does eventually dry down the pigment just fades. I personally like to use these as a secondary eye shadow base to make my shadows pop.

Milani Constellation Gel Eye Liner Swatches

In addition to these beauties Milani has also released three new nail polishes. Below I have Enchanted Garnet on and it's so stunning. Perfect for a Fall mani or pedi. The garnet shimmer saturated throughout the deep burgundy base always makes me drool. Two coats.

Milani Enchanted Garnet Nail Polish Swatches

What are you liking out of the new products?

Milani Cosmetics can be purchased at Walgreens and CVS. The Bedazzled Collection is limited edition.