Milani CLASSY NUDE 102 HD Advanced Lip Color Swatches & Review

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Once again, Milani had an awesome Facebook Freebie! I forget how many people got them, but the first, say 25,000 to sign up for a free HD Advanced Lip Color! You had no control over which one you got, but you did get to pick from the color categories listed and they would try their best to suit your wants.

I picked the coral/nude category and hoped for the best! SUCCESS! A few weeks later I had Milani Classy Nude HD Advanced Lip Color in my mailbox!

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I adore the shade of Classy Nude. It went on nice and peachy on my lips, which I LOVE. The feel is smooth, and moisturizing. The quality of this product is impressive, especially for one of the more affordable drugstore brands.

Make sure you follow Milani on Facebook and Twitter so you can get top priority notification on giveaways such as this. I had no issues with receiving the free product, but my mom also entered herself for both the blush and the lip color and got the confirmation emails that she would be getting something, but nothing ever showed up either time. At least it wasn't something she paid for, but we were both a little disappointed in the way Milani CS treated her via email. I thought that could have been handled better, and left me a little disappointed in the brand.

The Milani HD Advanced Lip Color retails for $8.99 and is available in 6 pearl and 6 cream shades. Classy Nude is a Pearl. You can pick this up at most drugstores, as well as at