Maybelline Bleached Neons Swatches & Review - Summer 2014

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Maybe when I walked into Walgreen's this past weekend I wasn't planning on doing any makeup shopping (who are we kidding?!) but I for sure didn't expect to see the Maybelline Summer 2014 display out already. My local drugstores are notorious for having nothing new, ever, which means the surprise... it was big. Surprise turned into psychotic glee when I saw two new Color Tattoos, Sunwashed Sky and Shimmering Sea, on the display - one of which appeared to be a dupe for my favorite (and also limited edition) Color Tattoo from last Summer, Seashore Frosts (more on that later). In addition I also grabbed two Baby Lips Lip Balm in Strike a Rose and Pink Shock.

This Summer two new, limited edition Color Tattoo shades have been released in 110 Sunwashed Sky and 115 Shimmering Sea. The formula is just as good as you expect when you buy these 24hr Eyeshadows from Maybelline (read: phenomenal) and make fantastic bases for your eyeshadows. They also look awesome worn alone so you can admire the slight duochrome effect.

Maybelline Summer 2014 swatches review
Maybelline Summer 2014 beauty

(L-R: Shimmering Sea, Sunwashed Sky, Strike a Rose, Pink Shock)

Maybelline Summer 2014 Swatches

While Pink Shock and Strike a Rose aren't brand new to the shelves they're definitely on trend with the Summer Neons that we've been seeing released in droves. I love the Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balms because they're moisturizing, glossy, vibrant, but sheer - aka extremely wearable! The product doesn't last too long, but they're really easy to keep in your makeup bag or pocket. I find them similar to the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine, at a fourth of the cost.

Strike a Rose

Pink Shock

Maybelline Strike a Rose Baby Lips Lip Balm Swatches

And now, for the dupe! Seashore Frosts is from last year, while Shimmering Sea is this years release. IMO they are 99.9% dupes. There is a very slight tonal difference (Shimmering Sea has a bit more gold while Seashore Frosts is slightly more blue) but it's almost unnoticeable unless you're insane like me and sit there and move your arm around a million times in 30 different lighting set ups. Both are/were limited edition - but at least if you missed Seashore Frosts from last year you have a chance at grabbing Shimmering Sea this year!

Maybelline Pink Shock Baby Lips Lip Balm Swatches

You can find Maybelline at your local drugstore! Look for seasonal releases such as this on end caps/rounders or out on a special display rather than on the core makeup display wall.

Maybelline Color Tattoo Dupes