May 2015 Birchbox Swatches, Review & Photos

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This month Birchbox has collaborated with Cupcakes and Cashmere who has just come out with her second book. The theme for May 2015 is the same as her blog motto "Elevate Everyday Life".

Birchbox Cupcakes and Cashmere

As you open your Birchbox the card resting on top gives you a little explanation and greeting on one side and a run down of what is in your box on the other side.

May 2015 Birchbox
What's inside May 2015 Birchbox

What’s inside?

May 2015 Birchbox review

From Beauty Protector, Beauty Cream Body Lotion. This doesn't say what the scent is but I found it to be entirely too strong, musky and sweet... which is just never a good combo for my sniffer. Formula wise I used very little to try it out on my hands and 2 minutes later my hands were still greasy.

From Juliette Has a Gun, Not a Perfume. But it is. A perfume. At first spray the scent was way too intense and when I sniffer it made my face snarl up worse than the Beauty Protector did. As it dried down it ended up being a pleasent smell. I'll definitely keep the sample on hand, but it's not so much of a love or even a like that I'd purchase a full size.

From Macadamia Professional, Nourishing Moisture Oil Treatment. I have an abundance of oils and I roll my eyes every time I see them, AGAIN, in a beauty box. BUT. That being said, I do use them, particularly on my feet to keep them soft.

From Naobay, Oxygenating Cream Moisturizer. Another flipping moisturizer in the same box. At least this one smells like Fruit Loops and that I can definitely get on board with. The formula is a little runny but still felt nice. Not moisturizing enough for winter, but perfect for Summer.

From W3LL PEOPLE, The Expressionist Bio Extreme Mascara. This is an amazing product. I actually should have wrote about it first because you may not have even gotten to this point because the rest was such a fail. This mascara did a fabulous job of separating my lashes as well as giving a nice lift and curl. It's not super expensive ($23.50) so it's definitely one I'd purchase a full size of.

Birchbox May 2015 Swatches review

In addition to the items in this month's box there was also a code - BIRCHBOX15 - to receive 15% off all purchases at

Domino deal

This month’s Birchbox shipment was even more disappointing than last month. When the ONE makeup product is a mascara sample I always feel a little annoyed.. particularly because last month the ONLY makeup products was the worlds tiniest lipstick. Same gripe as last month - I get that it’s a “sample” box but if only one of those samples is going to be makeup it’d be nice to see it be full-sized. Or at least throw a nail polish in there. I guess I’m holding Birchbox up to high standards because of what comes in the other boxes for $10-$12.

The thing Birchbox really has going above all the rest is their rewards/referral system which gives you 10 points per review and 50 points per referral. When you get 100 points it equals $10 to spend in their shop – which is FULL of greatness. So, for example, if you review all 5 items for 2 months you get your 100 points and you’re getting your $10 back to shop with. Personally I like to hoard mine until I get to about $100 and then go on a spree when I need a bit of a pick me up. You also get points for shopping (they’ll send you codes via email) and extra goodies you can add into your cart.

Wanna sign up for Birchbox? (Click for referral) If you like what you see in this post go to the website and fill out the form. It’s just $10 a month (free shipping too!) and you get some cool stuff (I got a FULL SIZE beautyblender one month!), tho I will warn you, you’re going to get stuff you hate as well. After it’s all said and done throughout the year you do get your money’s worth.

***Disclosure – I buy my own Birchbox, but the links posted here do give me referral points which I can use towards product on the site. Once you sign up for your own Birchbox, you’ll also get a referral code to send out to others and get some points of your own!