May 2012 Birchbox Photos and Thoughts

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My Birchbox is soooo late! So I'm sorry for the late post, this just came in the mail today =\ The May Birchbox wasn't as good as April... but it's not a total fail! Plus anything having to do with Gossip Girl automatically gets points in my book. Check it out!


~ Arquiste Flor y Canto

~ Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream

~ FusionBeauty LipFusion Balm

~ Ojon damage reverse Restorative Conditioner

~ Notecards (Birchbox Extra)

The Arquiste Flor y Canto is a fragrance vial. I've never heard of the brand or the scent before, but it's not too bad. Definitely floral, but it's not too heavy. I do like it, but it gives me a slight headache. I hate vials, too... I always spill when I open them. Spray vials only, PLEASE.

I'm always happy to get a hand cream, since I go through them so quickly. The one by Caudalie that was included feels great on, but sort of smells like an old orange. I'll get the use out of it, but I'm glad it wasn't a full size (who says that?!)

A full size item was included in this months box, the FusionBeauty LipFusion Balm (which has a retail of $22). While this is a nice item and I'll absolutely use it, I'm a little sad I didn't get a Stila liner like Pink Sith =(

The fourth item is Ojon damage reverse Restorative Conditioner... which I WOULD be happy about, had the Shampoo also been included. I like to use hair care in the appropriate sets so that they can react on your mane the way they're supposed to. It totally blows my mind to get one half of a set and not the other. I think it's more annoying this time, because with Glossybox I just got a shampoo... too bad they weren't the same brands, then I could combine!

For this box, Birchbox included an extra, one note card with the XOXO on it. I think this is a cute little extra for them to add. It's appropriate for the theme and I'm going to write something... sweet... inside and stick it in DH's lunchbox before he goes to work tomorrow. hehe

While the May Birchbox hasn't been my fave, it hasn't been the worst we've seen either. I feel it was definitely worth my $10.00 and am excited to see what they have in store for next month!

Wanna sign up for Birchbox? (Click for referral) If you like what you see go to the website and fill out the form. It’s just $10 a month (free shipping too!) and you get some cool stuff, tho I will warn you, you’re going to get stuff you hate as well. All in all, for the $10 it’s worth it. I love getting mail! haha

***Disclosure – I buy my own Birchbox, but the link posted in the above paragraph does give me referral points which I can use toward product on the site. Once you sign up for your own Birchbox, you’ll also get a referral code to send out to others and get some points of your own!