Marine Life FAIL

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Oh man.... such hype... it's seriously pretty to look at and that's about it. It's extremely pigmented and more pinkish than anything I own. My skin is NW25 and it just does NOT work. I'm pretty happy I got it for free.

Here is a funny pic of me and my kids... goofing off, as usual! I just noticed in the pic it looks like my son Owen is strangling my daughter Lydia lol eek!

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I can't in good conscious post a serious FOTD today. I'm completely disenchanted. I have Thrills on my lips too... not all in love with that either. Everything I've tried from this line has been a total bust. I should have went with my first instincts when I saw swatches and just passed on all of it.

Making The Grade:
Marine Life - D+
Thrills Lipstick - C
Flurry Of Fun Lipglass - C

I tried Flurry Of Fun last night over Thrills and it looked like crap. Then I washed my face and had the green glitter from Flurry all over my face... like a green disco ball. No thanks.

I also bought Life's A Breeze lipliner and Easy Lounger lipglass... I'll rate them later when I get a chance to try them.

Let's put it this way... even if I feel like my makeup looks like crap I never wash my face because i'm too lazy... I'm washing my face today.

Now the question is... do I swap Marine Life or do I keep it just because?!