March 2013 Little Black Bag Photos & Review

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For this months Little Black Bag I had a method to my madness. I had no intention of opening another bag because I'm saving and hoarding my money for IMATS in April. But then they offered NuMe products. I'm in the market for an amazing curling iron and NuMe's have a good track record, plus they're expensive and Little Black Bag had them crazy cheap (a NuMe curling wand is $225 (on sale for $149) and a Little Black Bag is $54.90 plus you get at least 2 other items)!

Because of a referral credit I ended up with 4 items in this bag. Obviously one I loved, the other three I was a little disappointed in. Trading was just not happening this month. They developed a new system for how you view trades and it seems like when they implement something new that people are still getting used to you just don't get that many offers or trade acceptances.


The first three items that I'm going to show you are all jewelry and are "okay" in ways, but not my style.


First, from Kenneth Cole New York - the Multi-Beaded Necklace. In the photos on the LBB site, I actually really liked this. And the quality is nice in person as well. However... those balls are HUGE. It really looks silly on... If the balls were a little smaller, it'd have been perfect!


Next, from Jardin - the LOL Necklace. This is actually pretty and very delicate. However, I'm 32. I think the cut off age for wearing a necklace that says something like LOL or OMG (etc) is probably 16, and that is pushing it. I think this would be adorable for a pre-teen, though!

The third jewelry item is from Rain and are simply called Statement Earrings. *sigh*. I've spoken before about how I'm not a fan of this brand, and I couldn't trade these earrings for the life of me. They're really not too bad, but they are big in person and the quality just isn't there.

Now... for my fave item!

The NuMe19mm Curling Wand, complete with glove and also instructions. This works. And I'm amazed. My hair never wanted to curl. I have to load it up with product and hope it doesn't burn off, therefore I never curl my hair. This wand curled my hair with NO product! Nice springy curls! It heats up fast and you don't have to hold it on long to get the effect you'll need. A huge win!


What do you think of this months bag? 

For information on Little Black Bag please refer to this post.

If you’re interested in opening your own Little Black Bag here is a referral link for you! You know you want to use it! haha

Disclaimer: I purchase my own LBB, but there is a referral link(s) in this post, which gives me credit once you open and bag and it ships. Every member of LBB gets the referral link option.