Marc Jacobs The Showstopper 7-Piece Holiday Set Swatches, Review & Look

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If you love beauty and you love Marc Jacobs, this is the set for you. Or, maybe for that special someone on your gift list ;) The Showstopper 7-Piece Holiday Set contains everything you need to get started on your Marc Jacobs Beauty collection, or, if you're already a fan, you can also get your hands on some set exclusives at a great value!

What Sephora says about the Marc Jacobs The Showstopper 7-Piece Holiday Set:

Marc jacobs showstopper box
marc jacobs showstopper box back

What it is:
A complete seven-piece set of your favorite Marc essentials, including new, limited-edition shades.

What it does:
Pick up this ultimate gift for the Marc enthusiast in your life, or indulge in luxury and take this chic set home for yourself. This set of star performers and new rising stars features brand new Style Eye-con No.3 in The Star and Lust for Lacquer Sheer Lip Vinyl in Kiss, as well as the classic Magic Marc’er, Lash Lifter, and Honey Eau de Parfum, plus a sleek, portable mirror, all in an original makeup bag designed by Marc Jacobs.

This set contains:
- 0.13 oz Mini Rollerball in Honey Eau de Parfum
- 0.12 oz Style Eye-Con No. 3 in The Star
- 0.16 oz Lust for Lacquer Lip Vinyl in Kiss This
- 0.016 oz Magic Marc’er Precision Pen
- 0.24 oz Lash Lifter Gel Mascara
- Showstopper Makeup Bag and Mirror

The bag is a textured black and is big enough to house all of these Marc Jacobs goodies as well as much, much more. I was actually very impressed with the size of this bag, it's definitely as big as you'd imagine by the picture. The mirror was a surprise for me. Clearly I don't pay attention well enough to descriptions so I was excited to see that tucked into a neat little slip on the back of the pouch.

Now, for something even better... the contents!

marc jacobs showstopper bag
marc jacobs showstopper bag mirror

Kiss This Lust for Lacquer Lip Vinylis a strawberry red gloss with minute silver shimmer. I love every single shade of Lip Vinyl I've ever put on my lips, so add Kiss This to the list. It's just pigmented enough to wear with a bold eye or a demure eye, day or night. A lovely shade that seems like it'd be flattering on many skin tones. As with the other Lip Vinyls, this one isn't sticky and doesn't feel goopy or heavy.

Marc Jacobs The Showstopper 7-Piece Holiday Set
Marc Jacobs The Showstopper 7-Piece Holiday Set Swatches

The Star Style Eye-Con No. 3 is a trio of an icy snow colored white, a blackened grey with silver shimmer and a metallic, shimmering gold. These shades swatch a little more pigmented than they appear on the eye, but it makes for a lovely and sheer holiday sparkle look. Of course, you could always wet them for more intensity, but when you're wearing a bold lip color you might want to tread lightly in that area. The gold was my favorite out of the three shades, of course.

Marc Jacobs Kiss This Lust for Lacquer Lip Vinyl

Magic Marc'er Precision Pen - the shade is a deep black and kind of glossy. Even though I've loved everything in this bag so far, the Precision Pen is my favorite of the fave. It was quick and easy to make the perfect winged-liner look. I've never been able to apply my liner with a pen so quickly. It lasted forever and took some serious elbow grease to remove, which I like.

marc jacobs The Star

Lash Lifter Gel Mascara is in black and probably the only dud in the set. I didn't purchase this previously separately because when the line officially released I was told by a Sephora employee that she wasn't impressed with it. I'm with her on that one. I'm just not impressed. It was okay, but didn't do much by way of length, volume or thickness... and in a decent mascara I'd expect at the very least two out of three.

Marc jacobs Magic Marc'er Precision Pen

As for the included fragrance in Honey Eau de Parfum I love that there was the small rollerball included because I do love the full size scent!

Marc Jacobs Lash Lifter Gel Mascara

Below I'm wearing all of the items from this kit as well as Chanel Accent Joues Contrast Powder Blush.

Will you splurge this year on the Marc Jacobs The Showstopper 7-Piece Holiday Set? It's an excellent deal and the perfect assembly of shades for a holiday or new years look!


The Marc Jacobs The Showstopper 7-Piece Holiday Set retails for $89.00 ($216.00 value) and is available at Sephora. This set is limited edition.