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On Wednesday I loaded up my kids and my cousins Lizzie and Laura (14) and we headed to Ross Park Mall. AKA The Good Mall. Laura has never been to Nordies OR Sephora. She also made her FIRST MAC purchase at Nordies!!

Even though the kiddies were NOT good I had a great time on this mall trip. The Nordstrom counter Dior Manager (Kathy) is AMAZING! She was super sweet to my kids, giving them random Dior labeled goodies to play with and keep (I'm not gonna lie, I confiscated the Dior Notebook she gave to Owen. It has some scribbles inside but it's safe now lol) and she hooked me up with a Dior parfums box I was eyeing (I don't like their perfume... sooo didn't think I had a chance on the box lol) plus gave me full size testers of their super expensive skin care Capture Totale Multi-Perfection Eye Treatment and Creme. These testers were FULL!! I've been using them for a few days now and I absolutely feel a difference. I can't notice a difference yet, but my face feels less tight... less dry... I'm hoping in time I can notice a difference, though I don't know where in the world I'd get the $$ to continue on with a skin care line like this lol

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The Dior box is currently holding some of my nail polishes... the rest are in a tote until the addition is finished and I can find something more permanent... really I should purge so all my polishes fit into that box... but they are just so pretty!

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At the Dior counter Kathy also had me sign up to meet with Beyonce's makeup artist on August 19! My friend Falyn and I will be enjoying makeup, palm reading and champagne at our 1pm appointment! I will definately get pics and blog about this. We're super excited! All it took was a $50 GC purchase that you can use toward product at the event.

At the MAC Counter I picked up By Candlelight (can you believe my counter still has this ?!), Mythology e/s and the 204 brush. I'm such a weirdo I just NEEDED the 204 for my brows. I've never had an appropriate brow brush before now.
At Sephora is was all about getting more Dior with the DiorShow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum and a Sérum De Rouge Luminous Color Lip Treatment in 710 Beige Serum. All of these will eventually get a blog and reviews.

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But my MAIN event... was at Victoria's Secret. As we walked by they were unpacking Victoria's Secret PINK brand STEELERS football gear!!!! I wish I'd have had a bigger budget. I walked off with the three quarter length sleeve shirt but I SO wanted the hoodie and sweat pants too... all in time I guess. I can always order online. They couldn't keep the stock on the shelves, people were going nuts. It's almost Steeler season so the ladies have to stock up ;) The best part about it was I had $10 off so it didn't cost TOO much lol (Their pricing really is ridiculous though).

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What was your last mall haul? Big or small, I wanna know!