Makeup Wars - Storage Wars! How Beauty Bloggers Organize!

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There have been a few sneak peeks into my makeup storage throughout my blogging years, but until now I've never been so organized! The set-up I'm currently working with makes it insanely simple to grab exactly what I need and get ready quickly. At the core of my organization is the Sherrieblossom ICEbOX (full review here and see what's inside!). That one piece made me want to be 100% certain that all of my other storage solutions looked beautiful, organized and luxe.

Unfortunately, I'm not blessed with an office. My house has three bedrooms and the other two are occupied by kids. For a fleeting moment when we added on our addition I thought about making the master bathroom an office, but I refuse to give up the obnoxious bathroom of my dreams.


Above is the main shot of my "work station" aka - where the magic happens. It's a wrought iron and glass vanity that the mister bought me the first year that we were dating (2003 *insert shocked face here on how the years fly*) that also has a full length mirror to match. I haven't gotten anything new because I like it and am in search of an old Victorian vanity that I can restore, or, even better, find in perfect condition. Once that happens my daughter will get this one.


On there is a bucket that my sorority sister made me during rush (oh man, this was totally 1998.) It was filled with candy, now it's filled with brushes and a can of Fekkai hairspray! The lighted vanity has a duel sided mirror, one of which is magnifying.

Underneath, starting at the left, my purse (see what's inside my purse) on top of an UGG shoebox which is full of nail polish. The big white box (peek inside) is also full of nail polish (looking back on that post I can't believe how much my stash has grown in a year). Above that in the black basket are items to review that aren't limited edition and next to that is a Dior box (fragrance GWP) with misc. items inside for hair like bobby pins, clips... etc. The gold Neiman Marcus GWP bag houses items for giveaways and that Sephora bag is where I toss stuff I want to give away to friends or family.


Yes, that is a jewelry armoire you see in front of you. I tore it apart and made it so that my makeup items could fit inside. The Sherrieblossom ICEbOX sits perfectly on top while beside it, in the basket, are curling irons, hair dryer, flat irons... hair tools, I should say. Above that are more items to review that just don't fit in that black basket. I'm lazy and my iPad is leaning against the wall by it lol


So, what's inside that armoire?!

Top drawer - well, now that I have the Sherrieblossom ICEbOX my jewelry armoire can actually be used for some jewelry. Obviously, I'm not a ring girl. All you'll see there is my wedding ring, engagement ring and a flower ring from Premier Designs that I thought was pretty.


Second drawer - all necklaces that I keep in the bags (some necklaces are also hanging on the side doors of the armoire). It's a mix of anything from Rebecca Minkoff and Tiffany & Co to items from RocksBox and Premier Designs.


Third drawer - all bracelets. Ranging from Kate Spade down to randoms purchased from Canal Street and Little Black Bag.


Fourth drawer - Earrings. Ranging from Kate Spade, House of Harlow, Tiffany, Gorjana... I'm an earring-aholic.


Fifth drawer - is sort of random. Bracelets my kids made me, random things from Premier Designs... and also you can totally see where I ripped out the original armoire inserts lol.


Sixth drawer - this is a deep drawer, so I keep bigger palettes in here as well as palettes that I couldn't fit inside the ICEbOX with the others.


Seventh drawer - this is also a deep drawer so I have the Silk'N, cleaning kit for the ICEbOX and the charger for my Clarisonic.


Eighth drawer - is another deep drawer. Inside the Glossybox box are just a bunch of hair care products that I don't use as much as the ones outside of the box, or are ones I rarely use.


So that's it... for now ;)

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